Robotech RPG Tactics: New Year, New Smoke, Mirrors, & Dreams

Allow me to pull a Palladium Books and cut-n-paste some of my last Robotech RPG Tactics post. If they don’t care enough to write about their own product line, then neither do I care enough to write a completely new intro to what seems to be the same song, to the same dance, for a new year. However, unlike Palladium Books, I will quote myself, because without the quotes I could be accused of plagiarizing myself and with the quotes I will also be taking on another trait of a Palladium Books spam email/adsheet “update,” making myself sound more important to…well myself…than I actually am. 🙂

“I can honestly say that I hate writing about Robotech RPG Tactics or should I say, I hate writing about the Robotech RPG Tactics Kickstarter, Kickstarter, and Palladium Books complete and utter lack of progress.” -Nate Richmond, Robotech RPG Tactics: End of the Year Update

I’ll let the numbers, regularly updated, by a backer with the screen name of Forar (thank you for keeping this bit of bookkeeping) do the talking. Just make sure to add 3 days to these numbers because that has been how many days have passed since Forar updated them:

  • Days since Wayne said he’d give us a full breakdown on the status of all the pieces: **182**
    Days since the last substantial Wave 2 info: 312
    Days since the campaign ended: 962
  • Days until the end of Q2 2016: 176 (current “ideal”)
    Days until Gencon 2016: 209
    Days until the end of 2016: 360
  • Give or take a few hours, we’ve literally hit the half year mark since Wayne was supposed to bring us up to speed on the status of the project. 10.5 months since we saw substantial progress on Wave 2. A month(ish) out from a full thousand days since the campaign ticked over (queue some dudes chiming in that they’ll happily wait another thousand because PB are so dreamy). Less than half a year from the alleged target, and just under 7 months from the obvious reason that this is the target.

Funny thing was I had no intention of writing about this debacle (at all this year), but two things happened. One, someone posted a link to all of the Robotech RPG Tactics posts (thank you). Two, I opened up my weekly spam email/ad sheet from Palladium Books and read this…

2016 Robotech® RPG Tactics. We renewed the Robotech® license and look forward to getting RRT Wave Two into your hands and onto store shelves. I’ll offer up more info and details in an update in the next few weeks. More Robotech® sourcebooks are in the pipeline, too.” -Palladium Books, Weekly Update 2016-01-08

I’m not sure what to think, because after 965 days, only 176ish backers have received their completed order of Robotech RPG Tactics. There are backers who have ordered only a single miniature, who have NOT gotten their order filled. Not one single governmental agency seems to have taken in an interest in this, which is interesting to me because there are a lot more people filing complaints with the BBB, Michigan and other states Attorney Generals, and FTC…or should I be accurate and say, there are more people saying that they have done this. The only thing I can say accurately, is that Palladium Books BBB rating has, as of two days ago, taken a hit. Not that seems to mean anything.

I would think or maybe hope, that if Palladium Books, 1.4 million dollars, and the complete lack of transparency was not interesting to some up and comming lawyer (thinking your standard Grisham novel), that taking on Kickstarter would be. After all we 5,000+ national and international backers/investors/consumers/generally screwed people cannot be the only people who have run into this problem.

What problem? A company with a successfully backed project that has failed to provide said project in a timey fashion nor provided clear, transparent communication about the lack of progress. Kickstarter the company that should be on the side of the backers, is remaining out of the fray with some reasonably clever Terms of Service. So, if no one is interested in some piddly ass company out of Michigan, Kickstarter should be of interest because they got their cut of the money and are doing nothing for 5,000+ backers.

Of course, in my world (I know I dream), someone with some power to make things happen, would take an interest in both. Money or product would be delivered to backers and most of all backers for ALL Kickstarter projects would get some mother fucking consumer protection rights!

I know, I dream.


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