500 Words At A Time: Shades of Weather: Winter


Every where is snow.

And the timing of the snow could not have been worse.

Yesterday, there wasn’t much snow and the school systems were closed, leaving me at home with the kids after a long weekend. Chattering and bickering away they eroded the shores of my patience and sanity. The big light at the end of the tunnel, they would go back to school today…

Unfortunately, before heading to bed the weather person warned of a snow storm to end all ages, okay not that bad. The gist being enough snow would fall that we were positive that we were going to awaken to a giant pile of snow blanketing the house. Imagine our surprise when we woke up to find no additional snow. If you imagined a parental happy dance, you would be correct; children gone for the day.

Snow Day 1Then I turned on the news to learn that the big storm had not passed us by. Instead the storm slowed down and was expected to hit around the time that the kids went to school, Barb was on the road to her rotation, and when I needed to be out and about. Stupid storm. For the hour before the kids needed to be on the bus, one school system after another closed, just not their school system. It did not take a genius to see that the kids would be at school when the storm hit.

And it did. I had to wipe snow off of a friend’s car twice before leaving the parking lot, which despite a pass through by a plow had at least a half-inch of snow. The roads were no better, rarely are on campus. Found a parking spot and went to be an assistant, which went well.

I step out to walk the short distance to the car to see the tail end of a traffic accident. That got me thinking drive carefully. If that had not, the foot of snow I was walking through to get to the car did. Wipe down the car two more times and off to the races. A really slow race where even at slow speeds everyone drives badly.

Big Rapids is a small town, on a clear day on any one of the hills around town you can see from one end to the other, not today. It was interesting to only be able to see one fast food restaurant at a time all the way home: Taco Bell, Wendy’s, Big Boy, Gas Station, Burger King, Qdoba, Panera, and finally McDonalds (that is also a “culinary” tour of this town) before making the turn home where I got stuck like I do every year, right outside the pharmacy building; one last winter FU from the building I love and loathe.

Snow Day 2Snow was falling so fast and hard that the plows could not keep up. I parked in the only spot I could find which looked like I drove headon into a snowbank. An hour later and the car looked like a snow bank. The campus was so bad that our friend on crutches had to cancel attending classes because she could not safely get around to her classes.

Remember the children who went to school in a snow storm? Shortly after looking out the window at the snowbank car email and phone notifications that the schools were having a half-day. Remember that parental happy-dance, it stopped. The kids got off the bus, trudged through the shin deep snow, and after depositing that snow in the doorway proceeded to chatter and bicker my sanity away.

As always, the weather is a factor for this place and our experiences, when the snow falls life gets messy and so does the campus.



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