500 Words At A Time: My Love-Hate Relationship With A Building

There is a building approximately 10-minutes walk from our front door that I have a serious love-hate relationship. This building for the first four years has been a source of a lot of problems for me directly and in-directly. The pharmacy building…

Initially I loved the pharmacy building. This building, home to all of Barb’s classes for the foreseeable future and if all went well the source of her degree and our family’s future. What wasn’t there to love? Let me tell you…

Barb’s Pharmacy classes took priority over mine. Nothing wrong with this on the surface, especially given the monetary difference between her degree and mine, and my initial here for shits and giggles approach. Then pharmacy reared its ugly head. Classes never ended on time; never early, always late sometimes up to a half-hour late. If you don’t have children this is not a problem. However, if you, like us, have children at home and a class to be at, even a few minutes late throws off schedules. I cannot tell you how many classes I missed or arrived late to because a pharmacy class ran over.

On main campus, exams are set in stone, with a few exceptions. Over at pharmacy, exams are up for class debate. Not private debate, but public debate on Facebook where the students complain about how difficult exams are, exam schedules are, and professors don’t understand and then vote to change the day of an exam. How does this affect me? Directly not at all…unless you consider that stressed out spouse makes for a tense time at home AND that changing of schedules is worse on a family schedule than a class running a few minutes late.

The pharmacy students themselves. With a few notable exceptions I have wanted to slap each and every pharmacy student I have encountered. Told from day one that they are special and unique snowflakes, given their own section of campus, and touted as some form of minor royalty pharmacy students behave like spoiled children; witness the exam debates. I get that the classes are difficult, but isn’t that what graduate school is supposed to be? Unfortunately, too many of them behave as if pharmacy graduate classes should be 100 or 200 level courses (easy, for those not into the college numbering system). I cannot tell you how many pharmacy students Barb invited over to study or hang out who behaved rudely. Hell, I do not want to think about it, because it pisses me off.

So here we have a building that I have mostly a hate relationship with; did I mention the ice patch outside the front door on the road that always causes my car to slide through the stop sign or get stuck going the other way…see what I mean?

Yet, with the exception of one professor, I have enjoyed meeting and getting to know many of the pharmacy professors. Some of the ones students talk the most shit about are the most personable people. What was cool to see was how many of them take an active interest in the students who make the effort. Even better, as the years have passed the special and unique snowflake attitude has toned down under new leadership. The lack of personal skills which has been an issue, is changing. I may not love that building ever, but I do admit a grudging like.



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