500 Words At A Time: First Weeks & This First Week

Math time.

Don’t look at me that way. Math is fun with a capital FU; see my previous 500 Words about Math and me if you don’t get the joke. 🙂

Five years with two semesters equals 10 first weeks (5 x 2 = 10). That would be 10 first weeks. First weeks are always different than the rest of the weeks of a semester. First weeks can either be really awesome or really disastrous. The correlation between first weeks and the quality of a semester does not exist.

I have had first weeks that rocked; I was positive that my semester would be the best ever, only to have the semester go down in flames. I have had first weeks where I wanted to pull out my hair and run around naked proclaiming to all who would listen, “The end is nigh! The END is NIGH!” Only to have the semester come around to something resembling great. This, my 10th and final first week of college, has been something of a mixed bag.

The off-part of the mixed bag has been the weather, the grounds crew, financial aid, and a friend with a bum knee.

The weather and grounds crew: As some of you may have heard, it snowed here. Snowing in and of itself is not a bad thing. The bad thing is how people drive in snow and how the grounds crew attempts to remove snow. From waiting until the snow is packed, turns to ice, and then waits for more snow to fall before burying cars, blocking access to the bus stop, making odd piles of snow, and failing at keeping handicapped spots and walkways clean. Snow is also problematic when it creates a snow day for the children. The purpose of school for children is to give me a mental, much needed mental, break from them. I did not get that as they had a snow day, a half day, and scheduled half-day. My sanity has taken a Cthulu sized hit.

Financial Aid: I have written before that the financial aid office here is awesome and I stand by that statement. That does not mean that I want to visit them. However, I did have to visit them. Thankfully, the worker who knows me was there was able to expedite my problem. Still having to visit financial aid is like having to visit the doctor, you only go because something is wrong or you think something is wrong, you hope for the best and expect the worst. I got the best, but it was still an out of the ordinary visit.

Friend with bum knee: We have a friend with a bum knee. She is not the problem. My schedule gives me the free time to assist her with getting to and from school, which as a plus for me is a ride/drive to and from school during winter. A problem has been local doctor appointments that I can best sum up as a complete waste of time to downright dangerous-the doctor who told her the medicine she was one was the exact same as a medicine she is allergic to. Another problem has been the grounds crew and snow (see above), she is using crutches and because of the snow and grounds crew inability to remove the snow missed four classes.

The on-part of the mixed bag has been good first class, time to cook and make bento boxes, a friend to spend time with, financial aid, and the ability to be home for the kids and family.

Good first class: Despite the snow that kept the friend from classes I was able to go to one class of my own. I sat in on the class conversation, my role is assistance with portfolios. When appropriate, and not, I commented on things and explained some of my expectations and challenges ahead for the class. I also got to watch the facial reactions as they flipped through my print portfolio from last year-complete with erotica, bondage, chastity cat, and a good recipe. 🙂

Time to cook and make bento boxes: A reduced schedule and a self-driven class schedule (this is part of that) has given me the time to get back in the kitchen and make multiple bento boxes. Now I get feedback from more than Barb on the food and reactions from people nearby. One of the things I have been able to work on has been tamago with flavors, such as spinach and nori.

A friend to spend time with: What does a friend has bum knee and  who cannot get around town do with her off time? She spends it with me shopping, eating food I cook, and playing Killer Instinct. Having a second adult around has reduced the inherent sanity loss from kids being home all of the time.

Financial aid: See above, but for a recap, financial aid was very helpful and made my day even as it was an interruption to the day.

Home for the kids and family: The best thing about this first week has been my ability to be home when the kids needs me, to make food, and take care of issues when they arrive without having to juggle classes.

Not a bad start, knock on wood the semester only gets better.


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