500 Words At A Time: Going Back To School Is More Than…

As an adult with children, going back to school is more than simply going back to school. In fact, going back to school has been the easiest part about going back to school. Even when a semester is total flaming shit storm and I want to walk away, there is more structure to school than there is to any other part of life and maybe, just maybe, that is why life seems to intrude upon school and not the other way around.

I have a life or had a life depending upon whom I am talking to before going back to school. Sure my life consisted of writing, gaming, and cooking, but it was my life on my schedule. Other things worked around my life, not the other way around. Thus, if I wanted to take an hour to write, other than an emergency or feeding the kids, I took an hour to write (not that the kids let me have that hour). 🙂

As I wrote about previously, classes and the day-to-day minutiae of attending college are a huge time suck. There have been times where I felt like I barely had a minute to myself, let alone that hour from so-long ago. Is this reality? Probably not, but having school on your mind close to 24/7 really does mess with your sense that your life is your own; I could write something, but don’t I have something school related to do? Even if I don’t, I think I do…

I have two children to take care of. They rely on me for most everything because I am the person who is nearest. I take them to the bus and I pick them up from the bus. I watch over homework and graded assignments. I cook for them. Hell, I cook for everyone. The problem is that school has to be fit in around the children. Messed up right? The children take priority, thus if there is a choice between children and school, their needs come first. If I can I try to accommodate school and children, but if the children are taken care of, school replaces a lot of what would have been play time with them. Can’t say I am happy about that, but that thought of “When this is over” I will have all the time I need to play with them crops in right after the thought of “Isn’t their some school work to do?”

Trying to find time during the day to do all that I need and all that I want to do is a challenge. A challenge that is not in any of the college brochures, tours, or sales pitches. I don’t think if it had been I would have changed my course of action, and the skills I have learned and mastered juggling school, family, and life are certainly useful long after we are gone from here, but there are times, like now, when I have time to ponder; I wonder if what I gave up will be worth what I am supposed to be getting out of the process? Maybe that should be in the brochure…

Next few 500 Words, Research. It will be more interesting than it sounds.


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