500 Words At A Time: Research, First Contact

Lower your shields and surrender your blogs. Resistance is futile.*

And that is how the start of the research process felt. One blog was a sex blog. Yes, a sex blog where I wrote about sex. Not the sex I was having, as in a direct retelling of the sex I was having, but advice and information about sex. In addition, there was some erotica and as befitting a blog of mine, random other posts. The other blog was the beginning of this blog.

There were regular readers on both and regular readers who read both blogs. Thus there was a sense that there would be enough eyes who knew my writing style or were familiar enough with my writing style. The regular readers should be the ones who say something to me, in comment or via email. Side note, back then there were more things to comment about…a lot more.

Without warning, the first voice-to-text post went up. I was positive that someone would post a comment along the lines of “Are you okay? It looks like someone was hitting you with a hammer while you wrote this.” That was how bad the post looked to me. I was like most artists, I could only see the flaws, which I will tell you about later…after the test.

The next day, the second voice-to-text post on the opposite blog. Again, convinced that I was posting shit I obsessively watched the stats and comments for signs of revolt. After all, if I had been posting mid-quality stuff (still my opinion to this day) and suddenly and routinely I am posting gibberish people should a.) comment and b.) after signs of me ignoring their comments flee.

Neither happened. In fact, I picked up some new followers on both blogs. That was the unexpected plus. That nobody commented was worrisome. Someone must have noticed, after all I did on someone else’s blog and I knew I was not getting the best material using Dragon. Yet, not one single comment about the quality of the posts. Comments continued about various topics, but nothing along the lines of “um…what is this?”

The original plan, if I remember correctly, was to alternate voice-to-texts posts on both blogs, using Dragon 12 to make any edits and alterations. The traditionally typed posts I would use whatever software to make edits and alterations. Meaning if I created a voice-to-text post I used Dragon to create the post, edit the post, and if necessary (never happened due to the complicated editing process) alter a post I used Dragon 12. This was supposed to happen for four weeks leaving us enough time to create a survey, get some data, and ready for the presentation ceremony.

As someone wise once said, “no plan survives the first day.” And ours did not either. Two weeks of no comments and mounting frustration with Dragon and worry that I was secretly driving away readers with the posts lead to a radical change, we would close the experiment one week early and for the last week go without edits of any kind on Dragon posts. Let me tell you this made me feel better, because I hate (d) the editing system of Dragon 12.

For three weeks, two blogs were taken over by a process that…well you have to wait for the results and the test. 🙂

* The Star Trek theme continues


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