500 Words At A Time: Would I?

I don’t know if 500 Words is coming to an end. I did finish a five or six part series about one particular event and I do have a lot more that I can write about, but I don’t know how much more I will write about before I say that I am at an end for now. If I know me, I will keep going and this is just a musing out loud phase.

I asked for topic suggestions from friends and family when I started 500 Words and one suggestions was “what would I do different?” I thought that was a great idea then and as I have been chugging along I have been pondering what would I do differently. Problem, from the question point-of-view, is that I don’t have a lot in my life that I would do differently, because to change one thing could change something that I did not want changed, but that is a me thing. Assuming I could change these things and have nothing else affected, these are the things I would do differently…

Fought More and Less: One of my biggest issues in the past five years is this sense that I have had to fight for a lot of things that I don’t think I should’ve had to fight for.

  • Classes, I should not have to fight to take ANY class as long I meet the requirements. I am PAYING for the fucking class, let me take what I want as long as I understand what taking that class means to my major/degree or whatever in the fuck you want to call it.
  • Sex, I should have fought more to write about sex in each and every damn class I wanted to write about sex. I should not have given up because of the push back, I should have pushed back even harder and that series of articles in the Torch which had me in an Spanish Inquisition sort of mindset is why, pure and utter crap that did nothing to promote a positive sexual environment.
  • Class room stupidity: Yes, this is a controversial topic, in that who am I to say what is stupidity? I am the guy sitting in the same room as you wondering why you are here because you are, by my standards, to fucking stupid to be in a classroom. Maybe with some community college courses or other training you can be in a classroom, but the sheer number of stupid things I have heard and seen stagger me and I am not a professor, I can only imagine how professors deal with the stupidity year after year.

Had a Focus: I’m not sure about this, but if I had a focus I wonder if I would have bumped into philosophy earlier than I did and taken the minor to the end, instead of starting out so late that only a miracle would allow me to complete the minor. That being said, my wandering focus has gotten me into plenty of classes and places that I would not have otherwise gone if I had stuck with the Ferris way. I know I have caused a lot of headaches, thus I wonder…what if I had a sense of focus/direction?

Accidental Parent to Students: There have been many students who in the process of befriending I became more of a surrogate parent than a friend. I would most definitely change that shit. I hated being a surrogate parent, as I am not the one responsible for how you got here. I did not mind…okay if I am being honest, I did mind having to teach students (kids in my lingo) basics of human behavior, decency, restaurant behavior, how to talk to the opposite sex, how to behave in public (this is coming from me, mind you), and the various other things I have taught only to have the student, who is treating me like a surrogate parent get all, “Your not my parent…” on me. Correct, I am not, but if you are going to be out in public with me, you need to know a few things.

Relaxed: This is in regards to the school work, where I tended to go overboard on every assignment. I could have taken a step back and let some of the busy work slide.

I am pretty sure I will be revisiting this topic before this is all over, but that should get you started. 🙂

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