Snow Day Terraria Style

It has been another snow day. I think this was the seventh snow day; after a few they begin to blend together into one giant migrainey mess. When I know that a snow day is going to happen, which is usually as simple as looking out the window, seeing snow, and knowing that odds are in my favor that the school will cancel classes, I plan ahead. Thus, when we got thundersnow…sorry, THUNDERSNOW, we knew a snow day was happening.

Of late, my planning ahead has involved Minecraft, but the children got tired of working for a tireless overlord bent upon building his latest and greatest monument to blocks. I don’t know why they got tired of the work. When they enter the workforce they will be pleased that I have prepared them for mindless work, being able to focus on the small tasks, totally not knowing the big picture or if there is a big picture, and working for a dick, an incompetent dick at that. I admit that I am a bit of a dick; I don’t want those blocks from over there, I want those blocks from over there, and don’t question my vision either.

Tired of my overlordship, the children wanted to move onto Terraria. Terraria is Minecraft with less 3D and a lot more to do. And combat that is worthy of the name combat. Plus, for the children, I can’t be an overlord or so they thought. We can do what we want went the chants as they hopped across the landscape. Then the Terraria shit hit the fan; they had no shelter. I did. A nice two room estate; one room for me and my bed and one room for my crafting equipment. I had no room for the children clamoring outside my door as the zombies, slimes, and demon eyes attacked them. If they wanted to have a safe place they needed to build it.

Fortunately for them, I had built a mine and they were free to work it, as long as they paid me in materials I needed. I was loaning them mine space and protection while they mined. Don’t judge. Here is what I got out this arrangement:

  • Materials I needed to craft
  • Several hours of peace and quiet
  • Did I mention the several hours of peace and quiet?

And that was when I hit upon the snow day tasks for Terraira; things that the kids can do or want to do as a team. Today was a good example: our boy hearing from a friend at school that the jungle biome had a temple wanted to fined one: the plan was to work as a team to find the temple and plunder its wealth. Here was the results:

  • Several hours of peace, quiet, teamwork, fun, and ultimately death…

Turns out the jungle temple is a major event for the jungle and game. We were not prepared and died like lemmings. Enter the temple, die, return convinced we could over come the challenge, either defeat the challenge and die to the next challenge, or die to the original challenge.

Jungle temple aside, snow days, and Terraira has given the unexpected a sense of routine as they ask me what the plan for Terraria is instead of acting like crazed animals.


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