500 Words At A Time: They Have That?

“That was you?”

“Yes, what did you think was going on?”

“Honestly, just figured it was a bunch of students playing soccer.”

or how about this…



“A basketball team, who knew? Why?”

or this…

“When did Ferris get a psychology class?”



I will chalk a lot of my “discoveries” up to being at an age where I don’t care enough about things that are not directly related to a class I am in or my family or you could take a more holistic view and wonder the same things I did, which is; why does a school that is known for its pharmacy school, hockey team, and HVAC degree have a basketball team, a soccer team, baseball (so I am told, never seen ’em play), psychology department, and a half-dozen other things that I have “discovered” while here?

I don’t ask that question in a mean-spirited way. When we first moved here, if not for the giant sign and overly loud stadium music I would never have known they had a football team until the year the football team did really well or won (honestly didn’t pay much attention). I knew that Ferris had a great hockey team. I knew there was a pharmacy school, one of three in the state. I knew that…

and that is all that I knew. I would soon learn about the career/job focus nature of education here. That was hard to miss. I quickly learned that campus life was different here than any other college I had been too. How different? For one, school spirit seemed limited to apparel and handouts emblazoned with the school’s logos. The town? They might as well be a few miles down the road. There are so few businesses that have the school’s logo all over them or are named after the school, like there are in other college towns. In fact, if I were to point who the town supports, school-wise, it would be the local public school system.

Sports, hockey up here. I have, to this day, no clue most of the sports that are on this campus are here other than someone is tapping into the lucrative money train that is sports. I have a hard time seeing scouts from any sport other than hockey coming here. That is probably a me thing, but when you think about what this school is known for, why would you expect there to be sports teams?

Let alone entire departments such as psychology and teaching. I have met two psychology students and one of the department heads of psychology and I still have a hard time thinking that they exist here. However, when I think about the job/career focus, it does make sense; psychology creates psychologists or social workers, both jobs. Teaching, creates teachers, again a job. Hmm…maybe there is something here that does make sense. But what about those degrees that I bump into that make me go, what the fuck…such as pro-golf management, which after talking to several students and listening to three or was it five speeches about the program the best I can tell they play golf as part of the degree with the goalslashhope of working in a pro-shop until the local pro moves on or dies to take that job…maybe, the speeches were not that clear.




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