Rise of Sushi Sick Yarney

Fuck you Yarney!

-our sick girl to Yarney

What a 24 hours. Last night six people played through the first scenario of Rise of the Runelords. This was a marked difference from our usual playthru with four people. Our experience with four players has always been a mix of good play, good play speed, and good loot. With six people we were expecting a slowdown in play speed and an uptick in loot. What we got was a lot less loot than expected. After a bumpy start, our group kept encountering the villain quickly, even when the villain escaped to another location. By the end of the game, with about 10-turns remaining, all of the locations had been closed with at least half of the location deck remaining. Not good for loot.

The good out of last night’s game was a third person to playthru Skulls and Shackles on alternating days; Rise then Skulls then Rise…you get the point. While loot was on the low end of our expectations, having six players made for some fun interactions, provided everyone was paying attention to their cards…at least one warpriest who shall remain nameless missed a card that would have sped up the game by three turns…but we aren’t bitter.

Sick StickbotMeanwhile, in the middle of the night stomach ick stalked one of the children. Unaware, we sent the child off to school.

While the child was at school, I made more sushi. I feel that I am getting better at making sushi rice. The results are consistent, always a good thing. The strange thing is I am using the recipe off the back of the package, which works. Color me surprised, as the recipe or directions on the back run counter to everything I have learned about making sushi rice. Just goes to show the rice people know their rice and later tonight, yummy sushi for all of us here.

At some point the stomach ick latched onto our child.

Based on the best time frame I got from the adults at the school, the first bout of “I don’t feel well” started around the time I started the download of Yarney. Yarney is the story of a yarn thing that explores something or the other, using the yarn that makes up it’s body to climb, jump, trampoline, swing, and other things through the environment. It is labeled a platform/puzzler, both words cause my head to ache and me to only care if the download was successful, this game is for other people in the house. Which is why the above quote, said by the child who really wanted Yarney was really funny. Turns out the game is more fun than the child expected, but at that moment, very frustrating.

The phone call. The rush to get the sick child.

Here is what bothers me about adults and sick children, for some reason they never pay attention to the details. When I asked how long the child had been sick, to the person wearing rubber gloves and who indicated that she had been with sick child, I got, “I don’t know. Maybe an hour.” I need to know duration in case I have to go to the doctors. How many times has child thrown up? “Maybe three.” Did the child sneak off and throw up while you had your back turned?

I already find the education to be…lacking in certain areas. Don’t make me start questioning if the adults who I am supposed to trust with my children are competent enough to do so.

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