Why Valentine’s Day is My Favorite Holiday

I have a sinus infection or funk. Either way I am having a difficult time breathing through my nose and when I blow to hard I get a small bloody nose in the one nostril which is always giving me bloody noses. Has since day one and will until day end. Strange thing about that nostril, when I blow to hard it bleeds, but when I got into fights and got smacked on the nose with a fist or foot it never bled. I guess my blood is for me. And that is why Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday… The color red.

What do you do when you have a sinus infection? If you are me, you spend a small chunk of your day making sushi. I can’t smell anything, which might be a good thing if I was working with suspect fish. I am not. I am working with rice and a wide variety of vegetables. A really fun sushi ingredient has been taking canned mango and mixing it with cream cheese. As long as the mango was drained properly the mix was a flavorful surprise. When the mango was not drained properly a nori eating mess. Today, I cut up some fresh mango and because there was so much, chopped up some and added that to cream cheese instead of the canned stuff. WAY better. Inspired I added chopped mango to chopped fake crab and cream cheese…WHOO HOO. I know what I am having in all of the rolls I create tonight.

Before and after sushi has been our alternating nightly or in this case daily games of Pathfinder Adventure Card Games. The adults and children are playing through Rise of the Runelords. The adults only are playing through Skulls and Shackles. I know, I know Skulls and Shackles again, will we ever finish it? I have hope this time because there are no children playing who get bored with the boat mechanics, only adults who are baffled about the boat mechanics. It’s not a maker or break thing, it’s an odd thing. Such as why do each of us become the captain of the ship on our turns? Or why do ships only have one hit point. I would have rather had a blank ship “character” that the players could customize with skill and power feats like characters are, thus giving us a reason to want to have a ship and more importantly keep the ship.

The nice thing about having an adults only game of Pathfinder Adventure Card Game is not having to poke children into remembering a character power or to play a card. The children like the game, but they don’t pay attention to the whole game like the adults do. Focused on their turn and their character, they tend to miss out on the big picture which can be the reason why a game is lost. Which is why I have a feeling that this time, yes this time, the fourth time, Skulls and Shackles will be completed.

And those are the reasons why Valnetine’s Day is my favorite holiday. Those and that Barb’s job offer arrived in the mail today.


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