Welcome to the House of Disease and Pestillence

If you guessed that I was still sick, you guessed correctly. I just woke up. As in, I just woke up, after 14 hours of non-stop sleep. I feel…better. Light hurts my eyes, which is why the screen brightness is down to the point that I don’t feel confident in what I am typing. Loud noises hurt my head, which is why banging away on the keyboard is causing me to wince. I had a fever, but it left in a huff because I was not being cooperative and letting it live in my body rent free. I ate some soup and now I am typing up this little massive because I like to write more than I like to sit in the dark wondering who put this ick into me.

On the plus side I am not sick alone. No reason I shouldn’t share my ick with others. I guess there are some reasons why I shouldn’t but at this moment it is to late. Now I don’t why everyone is blaming me for their lack of health and immune system, after all I was asleep for 12 plus hours. And yet, despite the evidence to the contrary, everyone is giving me the hairy eye…that is when I can see their faces…stupid light sensitivity…maybe I am non-sparkly vampire.  That would be an interesting side effect of a bout of sinus funk.

And that is why Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday.


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