Sick & Grounded On Presidents Day

I’m eating cake and ice cream. No, it is not anyone’s birthday nor a celebration of any kind. I just happen to be feeling better. I’m still sick, just not as much as yesterday. Witness I am awake now. I am typing now and I am eating cake. Today is President’s Day or what I am now calling, yet another day off school for my children. Years from now when the question is asked, “What happened to our youth?” I can point to this year as an example of when education seemed to take a backseat to snow days and other days off.

By my rather unofficial count the kids have had seven days off due to snow. Winter is justing starting around here which means more snow days are coming. On one hand I don’t mind not having a single week where the kids have not been home one or more days a week [sarcasm], but on the other hand how are they expected to do well on all of the standardized tests if they are not in school to learn and have some consistency. Personally I believe consistency is a part of education for children, more so than adults. Children need that routine to enhance the learning process because quite honestly the world outside of classes is way more interesting and distracting.

Which may be why the children are grounded today. For those who do not know or remember what grounding is, grounding is when the parent has had enough of the kids bullshit and makes them sit in one place and “think” about what they did that pissed off the parent enough to consider grounding as a logical alternative to some other form of punishment or when talking it out has failed.

A few months ago after an “accidental” falling off the bed, the children were told no more playing on the beds. I’m not sure how jumping from one bed to another while throwing stuffed animals at each other constitutes “accidental” or anything other than training for some lame reality show, but the end result was one child falling off of a bed and all of them claiming it was an “accident.” Being a rational, on occasion I can be rational, adult, there was a talking to where the parent stipulated no more playing on the beds and the children nodded their heads in agreement. Since that time there has been one warning when the parent caught them about to play on the bed.

Today was the wrong day to have an “accident.” Once again, they were playing on the beds. Instead of jumping they were playing a variation of dodge ball using stuffed animals. And as expected one child fell off the bed with a resounding thud followed by “ow” and “It doesn’t look that bad.” Keep in mind I am sick, thus my reaction time was not its usual precognitive “I smell children screwing around” level. Which is why I reached the scene of the “accident” as they were in the clean up phase consisting of the injured child covering up the injury and the debris being hidden under the bed.

Of course there were the usual bits of banter…

“It was an accident,” before I even said a word.

“What did you do wrong?” I asked.

Silence as the children look to one another, hoping one of them will talk.

“Playing on the beds?” I ask, knowing the answer.



“We’re not supposed to do that.”

“What should I do?”

“Tell us not to play on the bed.”

“Has that worked?”


“Then we will move to grounded for the rest of the day.”

And that was the lesson for the day. Somehow I have a feeling they may have gotten more out of going to school for the day. But what do I know, I’m just a parent.


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