Snow Day Must Mean Something Different Here

I want one fucking day without the kids around. Seriously, one fucking day. In my head it seems like the length of a Bible since they have been in school. A long weekend followed by a snow day and when I look at the calendar they have not had one full week of school. Seriously, this is bordering on maddening. The whole point of me setting up my LAST semester the way I did was so that I could have the time to do what I wanted to do and what I needed to do. That ain’t happening!

Shit one of them just violated the “do not disturb” notice of my headphones being in. I can see that the children are uninjured. I don’t smell smoke or see a fire. So what in the FUCK is the problem and it had better be a doozey, such as the ninja sneaking in through the window upstairs, which I knew about and will deal with when I go upstairs.

What did the child want? What was so important to interrupt my bastion of sanity-music and writing-any guesses? If you said hungry, you were wrong (I fed them before starting this). If you said, one of the children was picking on the other, you were wrong and I would have seen that as the children have exaggerated body motions which tell me what emotional state they are in. If you said, wanted to tell you something “cool” about the video game that they are playing, you were correct. And now you understand why I think I hit upon why the Donner Party really started eating each other…the adults had had enough of being cooped up with the children. It’s an out there theory, but one that I can see happening here as I am thinking about eating my own face off to avoid having to listen to another round of…

“Stop touching me.”

“He did it!”

“She did it!”

its ANARcHy here!

Fine, maybe I am exaggerating a bit. I don’t want to eat my own face off, but it really is getting annoying having the children home one or two extra days a week. When the weather is bad I get it. I want the children safe, but there have been several “snow days” where they could have been on a two-hour delay. Except that Big Rapids doesn’t do two hour delays. I have no idea why, but it really puts a crimp on the day.

What’s worse is that I am only trying to pack up for a move and wrap up two classes. I do not want to imagine the shit storm that working parents have to deal with as most jobs are not as forgiving of snow days as my schedule is. So while I am annoyed, I am counting my blessing because I could be paying out the nose for a babysitter who would most likely be found bludgeoned with an Xbox One controller and tossed into a corner or trying to explain to my boss (ha) why I couldn’t make it into work, “Yes I know the roads are clear and there is no snow, but my kids have another snow day…I see…I’ll be in to pick up my last paycheck on Friday.”


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