The Difference Between Last Night And Today

Last night, Lem was singing a shanty on our boat the Man’s Promise. By the end of the night Lem was floating downstream, having lost his life to the undead pirate captain and a whole host of bad luck. So bad was the luck, that I went out and bought new dice as the old and now banished luck failed me for the last time.

Today…What a good day. I had a great lunch with Paul. Lunches or dinners with Paul are always a good thing, we catch up on “old news,” if three weeks can be considered old, and we talk about life, and then usually move onto movies and so on. See, always a good thing.

While I was away, the boy got to do science with Shannon. Shannon loves doing science experiments with kids and when she and Donovan began talking science over dinner, food got cold and those non-science oriented (me) at the table rolled their eyes. By the time I got home there was bowl full of corn starch and water. This showed that which a powder that went into a liquids that when you touch or move it became solid, but when mixutre is still is a liquid. There was an ice cube tray filled with a variety of liquids of different viscosities to see which froze. There was a series of glass bowls with ice cubes in different mediums to see which froze or melted faster. All I know is that the kids had a lot of fun and that a drop cloth was pulled out to lessen the mess.

Upon getting home I sat down for some fun in Terraria land. I did this because Terraria is like Minecraft in that I can do a lot of sideways thinking while smashiming blocks, killing zombies, and digging my “hell’evator.” I’ve been trying to work through some details for the portfolio class, 500 Words, and Hegemony. I enjoy when I have a series of projects at a “need to think” phase. Normally, I work on something for a while until done or I hit that point. Then either everything works out or like now, I need to do some sideways thinking.

ClimbingLastly, while sideways thinking, I waited for our girl to get home from a birthday party where she partied, volleyballed, and rock climbed like a champ. The photo is her third attempt, where she reached the top like a champ. Once everyone was home, we headed out to find some dice. Turns out that there is a game store here in town. Like most things in town the game store is actually a combination of things, in this case: games, used games, comic books, Christian books, frisbees, miniatures, science experiments, t-shirts, and furniture. It was something to see.


2 thoughts on “The Difference Between Last Night And Today

  1. Once every eon got home? πŸ˜›

    Yes, I often wait for my several hundred years to arrive. πŸ˜‰

    Sounds like a fun weekend. Science is much more fun when it’s, well, FUN. πŸ™‚


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