Almond Boneless Chicken Day

Its Sunday, which for me, when I am not sick, means a day of cooking in preparation for the week of bentos and dinner for the night. Because I have not been feeling well, I am behind in my bentoing. I was also behind in my cleaning out the previous week’s bentoing efforts. Refrigerator Fear Factor is not my favorite kitchen sport, not by any means. Yet, there I was opening containers from two weeks ago, been sick for a week or so remember, and praying that the stench didn’t knock me out or I wake up in a pool of my own sick.

Fear Factor over, I started my day of bentoing and dinner. Diner was, as the title suggested, Almond Boneless Chicken. Our family loves Almond Boneless Chicken, and they, like me thought that it was a Chinese dish. Then we found out from an article in the Detroit Freepress that Almond Boneless Chicken is from Detroit. The link is to an updated version of the recipe and references the original story.

AlmondFrom my own experience, Almond Boneless Chicken is a very easy, but time consuming dish to make. Some pointers, try your best to slice each breast in half as equal as possible. This will ensure that cooking times are close to each other. The sauce is easy to make; I recommend that you make the sauce after frying the chicken. This keeps splattering grease or other accidents from spoiling a well made sauce. When frying the chicken, be prepared for a mess and don’t bother showering before hand, as you will likely be or feel like you are covered in a fine layer of oil. One last pointer, the gravy goes great on rice so much so that people will eat gravy on rice before and after the chicken is gone.

Bentoing consisted of blanching broccoli. I used to make a variety of flavors of broccoli, but it was requested of me that I leave it alone and let people put the flavors that they want on the broccoli. Why not, I replied, makes cooking that much easier. Other bentoing was honey curry carrots and a new recipe of orange carrots. Orange carrots is cooking carrots in orange juice and orange zest. Smelled great, but a bit rindy, which has me wondering about the flavor. The rest of bento prep consisted of pickling radishes, cucumbers, and beets. I happen to like pickled items for ramen and rice bowls.

Rice bowls are a newish bento for me to send Barb and friends off with. The best part of rice bowls for me is one dish. Bento boxes can have up to five different boxes or containers. Rice bowls go into a bowl. Then I get to show my creative side making rice, vegetables, and a protein looking cool. Toss a sauce either in a separate squeeze bottle or under the rice and all I have to clean at the end of the day is a single bowl. 🙂


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