Perpetual Motion 

Whew. I just sat down for the first time in a serious relaxing way. Previous sit downs were more of the, “I’m waiting for the next thing” way. Not nearly as satisfying as it may appear. Trust me. My day begins at 6:20 in the morning. That is when I get up and a few minutes later, get the children up. Why am I getting the children up that early, because we live in an agrarian society where the kids have to accompany me out to the fields to assist me with the crops and animals.

No, that’s not it?

Then I have no clue why children under the age of 15 are forced to get up each day at 6:20 in the morning. Perhaps a form of torture or more likely the same ennui that infects most human endeavors or “That’s what we have always done, thus that is what we will continue doing despite the fact that we know better.” Honestly, I have no explanation. This school system does not have 2-hours days for inclement weather, but does have people up before 6 am to prepare for a day of learning. Doesn’t anyone read the studies which say that we are doing our children, thus our future, a great disservice by continuing to perpetuate the school day as it currently is?

Oh, I see…my name and someone from ten years ago are the only people to sign out that study.

Today, was different from normal days as I had to split the children up. One child was allowed to “sleep-in” while the others got ready for school. Of course this change was questioned. The child who slept in was headed out for a busy day with me, it was not some weird form of reward despite what the children thought. I am a hard taskmaster. Children out the door for school. The remaining child and I prepared for what I knew could be a long day.

First up, a trip to the doctor where the oldest child needed to see a doctor for his asthma. The on campus doctors office used to be very good. This school year not so much. All of the doctors who used to work there are gone, as are many of the nurses. The new staff is mostly grumpy people. That is what we were expecting and when the lady behind the counter got grumpy with me and the oldest child over his cough, I feared the worst. Then the coolest nurse in the world showed up. From her Jamacan accent, her relaxed manner, and best of all she asked the oldest what he thought was wrong while watching me for silent verification. Then they talked smoking. Why smoking, because in her words it was a silly question to be asking a child, but she had too. Then the oldest launched into a diatribe on why smoking was bad. She was laughing in tears by the she left. The doctor was less funny, but equally attentive to the oldest child and me. I have not felt like a valued parent in a doctor’s office for a very long time.

Scripts in hand we headed out to fill the scripts, take back bottles, and pick up groceries.  I will spare you the boring details other than to say I have no idea why people gave the oldest the hairy eyeball while he was smacking cans, there were spare machines and when there were more people than machines he gave up his machine without protest. We felt bad for the Pharm Tech in Training, that is what her name tag said. Of course we turn out to be the more difficult order of her morning. She powered through and we headed to the bank, where we entertained the teller talking about the value of a dollar verse the value of a penny when I was a child.

Arriving home time to cook bento stuff and dinner. Pickled daikon, curry cauliflower, chicken nuggets to go with the remaining sweet and sour sauce, and finally I was able to start the Shrimp in Lobster sauce. Or I thought I was, but doing everything before that put me behind schedule and I had to detour to pack bentos for tomorrow. And then the children came home from school. Homework time. Today was money. Ironic given that I could have taken them shopping with me and given them a real life money experience. Once homework and “how was your days” were taken care of then it was time for dinner…except that not everyone is home to eat…ugh.


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