When There Is Worse Than Here

For years I have railed away about how there is little to nothing in this town in the way of shopping. And there isn’t much in the way of shopping here. Between Meijers and Walmart you have the town’s options for shopping with the occasional specialty or odd ball shop to fill in the blanks. When we want to get something if it is not here we have to travel to Mount Pleasant or Grand Rapids. Hell, we often travel there to get shop just because the odds of what we want being here are so low.

With that in mind we headed off to Grand Rapids. Prior to our trip to Grand Rapids was a stop at Walmart where we saw many Lego kits with Dragons. We love our Legos and we love Dragons, but since we were traveling to Grand Rapids the following day we decided to wait. After all there is a Toy’s R Us and Target to name a couple stores where we imagined that we would find the same kits, more kits, and store exclusives. How could we not?

We could not first of all because ALL of humanity was out shopping today. Humanity is masses drives me nuts. They slow down traffic. They clog lanes. They make having fun next to impossible. They form lines which make getting out of stores longer than necessary. Humanity is a pain. The cashier at Target where we mistakenly went to get Barb pants said that it hadn’t been that busy since X-mas. I believed her. Lines four and five deep. Shelves picked bare. And lots of people in bad moods. Just like the holidays. You may have guessed that Target did not have any new kits. They didn’t have old kits. The shelves were picked clean. Very sad.

Surely Toy’s R Us would be better. They are a toy store and Legos are toys. Allow me to say this with the hope that Toys R Us reads this, “Dear Toy’s R Us, You are becoming a relic of another time. A time when big box specialty stores were a “thing,” such as Circuit City. I liked shopping at Circuit City, but when they went under, I understood. You too are in danger of going under. I have zero idea why someone in purchasing is not making better decisions. Get rid of the bargain basement toys, you know what I am talking about, I can find those at Meijer and Walmart. Stop displaying walls of the same or similar items, such as the Great Wall of Skylanders, Disney Infinity, and Amiibo figures…sorry three great walls. Put other items on display better. Two aisles and a corner of Legos is a pain to navigate and makes keeping an eye on the children difficult. Lower the overall inventory in the store in an effort to lower overhead, thus prices. I am sad to say that even if the store had anything we wanted, which it did not–sad day when Walmart has a better selection of Legos–we would not have purchased because everything has a higher price than any place else…even on sale. Just a few words from someone who spent much of their youth in your stores.”

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