10-Weeks to Go (edited)

Edit notes: I’m still getting used to my new keyboard and my editor keeps pointing out errors.

I’m in the middle of garlic shrimp with broccoli, chili shrimp, and shrimp ‘po boys. That isn’t including the sides that go with each of those dishes. I bought a bunch of shrimp on sale and forgot that I already had a bunch of shrimp in the feezer. Solution, cook a bunch of shrimp dishes. I may, if the mood strikes me and the quantity of shrimp is right make shrimp in lobster sauce. Good thing I like to cook.

I forgot to mention that I received some interesting information yesterday. I cannot, acutally I won’t share the details yet because I am a superstitious man, but if it pans out will be some fun for me later in the year. I wanted to mention it now, because I want to have a written record of what might or will be. 🙂

The bigger news today, is that we have 10-weeks to go. I have avoided publically counting down because it is slightly obnoxious and because I did not want to focus on getting out of here more than focusing on my work. And it has worked, because I did not realize how much time had passed this semeseter.  Ten-weeks is a good time to start thinking about the upcoming move and end of college work.

Obviously we have to move. I am sure there a few people in the Housing Department who are counting down to that day. A move is always a pain in the ass. I have moved a lot and have moving down to an art form. Not that anyone living with me appreciates my artfulness. It may have something to do with once I start packing I don’t stop until I am out of boxes or everything is packed up. Everything. Because I am good at moving, I often have everything packed up weeks before we need to move. Meaning, there will be weeks of people who live with me asking me what is in a box, to find something that we need to use. This can include clothes, kitchen wares, and toys.

Then there is navigating around a house lined with boxes. Nothing more fun than waking up to head to the bathroom and having to navigate a maze of boxes. I dare you to try not kicking or tripping over any of them. Yet, I will do this if given enough time. Which is why I have been avoiding looking at a calendar. Something else different about this move; normally we have a good idea of where we are moving to, but this time we have a large range to search in. Barb’s job offer takes place in two stages and we want to keep the kids in school here. So do we move between her two stages of job, which may mean a long commute for the kids as well. Or do we stay closer to here, allowing the kids to remain in school with little or no change in their habits?

And this doesn’t cover all of the other stuff that comes along with a move and end of college. Going to be an interesting 10-weeks.


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