Portfolio Madness

One time, a long time ago, I made a portfolio. I was proud of my portfolio. I did not like my portfolio. It was not me. I was me trying to present a better me and I am, me just not a better me. The whole thing felt like I do when I wear a suit, like I am trying to pretend to be someone I am not. The day after my presentation of my portfolio was complete, I took the site down without any thought at all.

Fast forward close to a year later. I am assisting with the portfolio class. I have tried to impart to them what they should be doing, when they should have stuff done, and some of how they could do what they need to do. I am not sure if I am getting through to them and it has been expressed to me (from multiple sides) that in all reality it is not my problem, as I am a student assistant. However, that is not me. I want them to do their best or at least put forth the best effort that they can, which is why I have been showing in class to offer my experience, advice, and assistance where necessary.

As part of showing them how to create a portfolio it was suggested to me (again, from multiple sources) that I create or in this case re-create my own portfolio. The idea being, if I can do it, they can do it, and along the way they can see how someone with some experience creates a portfolio. Until last night I was resistant to the idea. I didn’t want to rip off a portfolio and have it come across as a “Ha, look what I did,” dick move.

Then, last night while going through their portfolios as part of my weekly progress report, it stood out that maybe they do need to see a “complete” portfolio or a portfolio in progress. Plus, I should have an online portfolio for me that is me…not me being a better me. It will all make sense later.

Before I share the link to my portfolio, in progress. I will be resharing the links to the students portfolios. If you could take a few minutes to look over them and leave me feedback on this post, I and they would be very thankful. All of the students asked for additional sets of eyes and feedback.







If you leave feedback, leave it here where I can present it to them and be honest, they can only get better if they see what other people see.

Now for the big reveal. Below is a link to my portfolio. I have five more samples to add for the time being. If you would like to leave me feedback please do, after all fair is fair and I can only make it better. But this is more me being me and most definitely not a better me. 🙂

Monkeys Made Me Do It…Again



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