Our Jolly Pirate Crew

Hooray and other pirate exultations, such as firing our black powder pistols into the air or throwing parrots into the air or drinking a lot of rum and barfing on the ground or into the sea. Sheesh, pirates are disgusting celebratory people. And yet, we are a happy people.

Our Pirate CrewIf you are even familiar with our trials and tribulations involving Skulls and Shackles you know that this base set has given us the most trouble out of all of three of them. Rise is awesome and everyone loves playing Rise. Wrath is challenging and most of us enjoy the challenge. Skulls and Shackles has been a mixed bag; some of us like the story, some of us like the challenges, all of us are baffled by the boats (our current boat card is in the picture), but most of us have been playing Skulls and Shackles for a third or is it fourth time.

Three players, four characters-we lost a bard-and we finally made it through Adventure Decks 1, 2, and 3. Yes, Adventure Deck 3. I don’t know how as some of those victory conditions were difficult. Bizarre Love Triangle where we had to find three nagas, snake creatures with human-like heads, then we had to get all three into one location, and finally defeat just one of them to win. Sounds difficult enough and it was, tack on that each naga was keyed to a different ability and all did damage before any of us got to act, really made the scenario challenging. So much so, that we had to do it twice.

Then there was the Regatta. Our final scenario for Adventure Deck 3 and we really wanted to get it out of the way so we could pick our role cards and become the heroes are meant to be or would that be pirates we are meant to be? Except that the scenario had a really interesting setup and victory condition. Instead of our usual 5 locations we had to set up all 8. Then each location deck had two henchmen, one of which we needed to find or defeat. Finally, those henchmen, Enemy Ship, had to be on top of each location deck by the end of the game. There was no villain to find, chase down, and defeat. There were eight henchmen to find and get to the top of location decks.

And there were only three of us…

That is the kind of situations that we are enjoying with Skulls and Shackles. Rise of the Runelords has some interesting scenario set-ups, but they come late in the Adventure Path where characters are prepared for them. Skulls introduced them when we were challenged by them or if we messed up, paid for not being prepared. The loot caused all of us to think about what to take or in many cases what not to take. At the end of Adventure Deck three, I put five different loot cards into the box. The box is where cards that are not being used, such as cards with the Basic trait go. I do not remember that happening with any loot from Rise.




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