Answering A Few Pathfinder Search Term Questions

Today I will be answering some questions that have been popping up in my “How did people get here” stat (search terms) regarding Pathfinder Adventure Card Game.

Solo Play

Yes, Pathfinder Adventure Card Game can be played solo. One player can control as many characters as they like through Adventure Decks and Scenarios with ease. I have played several times using one character and found the experience fun, quick, and satisfying in the same ways as playing with other people. The reason I was playing solo was to catch a new character up to where the other characters were after a character of mine died.

Combining Sets

Strictly speaking you cannot combine sets. Each boxed set is complete with all of the cards necessary for play. The adventures require cards that come in the boxes or expansion packs. That being said, characters from one set can be used in any set. We frequently use characters from Rise of the Runelords in Skulls and Shackles or Wrath of the Righteous and vice versa. There is one thing to pay attention to, characters from a set tend to be better in the set they are from than other characters. This should seem obvious, but until you play a few times might not be as obvious as you would think.


Pathfinder has a lot of expansions. Each boxed set has a character expansion which adds four characters and cards to use with all characters. There are five Adventure Decks to make a complete campaign-Adventure Deck 1 comes with each boxed set. I recommend those expansions at a minimum.

There are character class decks. Each deck focuses on one class adding between 3 and 4 characters one of which is a variation on the iconic character; the rest are new characters. The rest of each character class deck are cards for those characters. When a player chooses to play a character from a class deck boon cards (weapon, spell, armor, item, ally, and blessing)  from the deck are added or removed to the boxed set when Adventure Deck cards are added or removed. Characters from the class decks are well rounded and fit into all of the boxed sets. If you have a particular class you enjoy I recommend you pick up the character class deck, otherwise purchase as you desire.

Iconic Miniature Boxed sets, which there are six, come with miniatures and unique cards. These are completely optional. Given that there are only six sets there is not a figure for every character. The unique cards are keyed to the specific figures. These are fun to have and see on the table, but completely optional.


To illustrate the replayability of Pathfinder Adventure Card, we have played through Rise of the Runelords twice. Started Rise five times. Each time has been a different experience. The easiest way to explain this is, each time a different combination of characters is used, which makes the decisions the players make different. The pool of cards involved changes as Adventure Decks are added or removed. For Rise of the Runelords we still see cards we have not seen during a game from time to time.

Hopefully that helps someone and definitely takes care of the most common Pathfinder Adventure Card Game search term questions.


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