The Things Around Me

I’m sitting here surrounded by a table covered in crap. Looking up I can see an Xbox controller, I was playing Dragon Age a few minutes ago while waiting on the dishwasher. I see The World According To Humphrey, a book about a hamster. We read this to the kids as part of a school thing. It’s interesting enough that the adults are reading the book to keep up; we alternate chapters so if you aren’t reading you are missing out.

There is a Energy science kit bought for our boy, but our girl is the one who has made the solar car, the spinning propeller and a few other energy related mini-experiments. Next to that is a couple of stikbots laying next to some dice, both waiting expectantly to play Pathfinder Adventure Card Game this weekend. Next to them, near the edge of the table, is a stack of mail. I think I went through the mail, but then again, it is Spring Break (not that means anything other than the 10,000+ students are GONE).

I see a box of Kleenex at the far edge of the table with looks to be a pile of pamphlets from the doctor’s office because I like to gather pamphlets I think might be interesting or fun to leave lying about for guests, such as VD and You or Sleeping in Women. I don’t know if you can sleep in a woman like Luke Skywalker inside a tauntaun, but the idea was catchy. It does get cold around here.

My typing on this wobbly table has caused a pile of candy and Valentine’s Day notes to slide out from under the pamphlets. Ah, I see the bag that they were formerly in crushed against some medicine and another copy of The World According to Humphrey. Cellophane wrappers, foil wrappers, and lots of hearts and cartoon faces peeking out at me from the pile.

There is a stack of what looks to be adult homework; a clipboard, a flashlight, a TV remote control, and a sloppy stack of college papers or at least they look collegish-you know type written, somewhat official looking, and generally not something you would print out to read for fun. The pile is spread across one end of the table, it is Barb’s doctoral paperwork or at least the extras. A roll of Hello Kitty Duck Tape, wad of string, and solar calculator.

Right next to me are my glasses. I take them off before typing. Not that you need to know that, but its one of the things on the table. On the bench where I sit, I see a wooden pirate kit that our boy is in the process of constructing. These are the things that are around me. Soon enough, I will be cleaning up this mess. 🙂


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