“Science is boring”

And that is how I ended up watching another day of science at home. I was amazed. Truly I was. I am not a science person. I appreciate what science has done for me, but when it came to taking science classes I learned rather quickly that I do not have a mind for science. If someone else does science in front of me, I am amazed.

Thus, when our boy expressed a serious intereste in science and our girl built everything in his science kit (something he had not done) and Shannon enjoys demonstrating science I too was excited. Although I played it cool as the adult in me should. The first batch of experiments was kind of a dud:

Take cups and put colored water in them, then put celery split at the base in two different colored cups and watch over the days as the color moves up the celery and eventually blends. At least that is what the youtube video showed. We got celery with some color and the odd colored leaf, but nothing as exciting as the video.

The other color cup experiment took folded papertowels placed into different cups. The goal was for the colors to move up a papertowels, meet in the middle, and continue doing that. We chose textured papertowels and that seemed to be the end of the experiment as the textured pattern stopped the progress of the dyed water long enough for us to say it was a bust.

Today’s science was the stuff I wanted to see; use vinegar and salt along with a nail and rivet some copper wire to light up an LED light. Talk about cool. I use vinegar and salt to make pickles (there are no nails, rivets, or copper wires are used to my knowledge in the making of my pickles). Thus, I was very excited to see this. And…

“Science is boring,” out of one child.

“Can I play Xbox?”

And so the chorous began…

Then a flicker of light, except the only people watching were adults. We were excited, even people who knew what was going to happen were excited. Allow me to say that I understand the science behind it (because it was explained to me and I was able to relate that to food science), but I was skeptical of the LED. I had a moment when it flickered to light to shout out, “WITCHCRAFT!” Just a moment mind you.

The kids, they never saw the light. 

Want to see water split into hydrogen and oxygen? I did. Take a 9-volt battery, some more copper wire, two rivets and put the rivets wrapped in wire into a small cup of water. Do not complete the circut with your fingers, our scientist got shocked. Wait a few mintues and one of the rivets will start collected air bubbles around the rivet. Damn cool.

I’m told that later there is an experiment to extract the DNA from a strawberry. 

“Science is boring?” Not to me. I got to see a LED light flicker to life. 


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