The Little Rice Cooker That Could

I am begining to hate this new keyboard’s interface with WordPress. I appologize for the late post, I have been weeping over the demise of my beloved rice cooker. After a day of cooking, she went out on a high note, one last 3 cup batch of rice. My rice cooker has been with me for a long time. So long that I know her moods like I do one of the children. There have been times where she has been all on fire to cook rice and others where she doesn’t want to put forth the effort to heat water.

The two of us have argued back and forth on sushi rice. I put in what I know and she does what she likes. Such as, undercooking sushi rice most times, leaving me with mush. On occassion she would burn the bottom of the rice, just to be spiteful. We finally came to an agreement a month ago. The agreement, less water. A lot less water than I learned and she kept telling me. 

I have asked a lot of my rice cooker. I know I have. Two cups of rice four to five times a week for many years. And until today, and other than sushi rice, she did her job like a trooper. No cook could ask for a better rice cooker…but now I have too. I don’t know if I can muster the energy necssary to find a new rice cooker. Just the thought of having to bond with another rice cooker brings a tear to my eyes.

I don’t know where rice cookers go when they die, but I know mine is truly going off to a well deserved rest.

2 thoughts on “The Little Rice Cooker That Could

  1. So sorry to hear about your rice cooker demise! I can feel your pain as I wouldn’t be able to live without mine!
    I hope you will find a lovely new rice cooker – once you have finished grieving of course – to embark on new cooking adventures 🙂

    1. Ankoku1331

      Thank you for the kind words. The new rice cooker should be here tomorrow to ease my pain and to cook more rice for lunch bentos.

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