Cooking With My Boy & Other Stuff

I am attempting to use the new keyboard with the ipad WordPress interface. Part of the problem I have been having and the unusual number of errors, mostly spelling (not that I don’t have spelling errors normally, but using this keyboard there have been a lot more than usual), is that I type really fast on this keyboard. So fast that the words do not appear as I am typing them. Being a good typist I am not really looking at my hands or the screen, just focusing on typing. Thus, I will look up and find a jumble of a sentence, where letters that start a word become the end of another word and so on. As I get more experience with this keyboard-interface I am slowing down and reading what appears on the screen closer. Unfortunately, I have a pattern to my writting where reading while doing is not a thing or at least not as big of a thing as it may be with other writers. 

All of that was me saying, “Please bare with me as I work out an acceptable pace between the keyboard and WordPress interface on the ipad.”

Part of the chore charts is cooking dinner. Cooking dinner is worth a lot of points. Not because I want the points, but to encourage other people-in particular the children to give cooking diner a try. Until today, this has been a dud. I and the other adults cook dinners; typically me 5 days a week. I have a lot of points. Yesterday, during the weekly this is how many points you have earned family meeting, our boy announced that he wanted to start cooking more. More? Was he cooking when I wasn’t around? Nope.

Turns out he wants something from the store. Of course he does, that is his primary motivation to do chores. What does he want? Some $30 Lego kit; not even a cool one in my opinion, but if he is willing to do the work, then I am willing to put him to work and pay him later. That is our economic system, right?

Economic theories aside, today the boy worked in the kitchen. You’d think this was a momentous ocassion, but I have been teaching all of the kids how to cook for a while now. They just don’t cook. Our girl will help, she is a great sous chef. I can put her on dinner prep and focus on cooking. Her knife skills are pretty passable for her age. Our boy? Not so much. But he can cook. Yes, I know that is odd to be able to cook, but not be passable on dinner prep.

This may explain why he likes to cook food with a low dinner prep ratio, such as tacos. He loves to cook tacos. Taco meat needs to be browned and seasoned, but he doesn’t have to grind the meat. Cheese comes in a bag. Lettuce needs to be cut, but he gets someone else to do that for him. Beans, open a can and warm. Taco rice, a term I use very loosely, comes pre-seasonsed in a bag; add water and wait. See where this is going?

So on one hand I am glad that the boy is willing to do some chores around the house on the other I am hoping that he starts expanding his dinner options. A few more months and his sister will be making sushi with me…he will still be making tacos or spaghetti tacos.


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