The Pack, Sell, or Toss Game

Not gonna lie, I was hoping to be writing about us moving onto Skulls and Shackles Adventure Deck 6…cue sad music…we lost the last adventure. We did not lose with style. We got beat down. From a Villain who kept showing up at the worst possible time to creatures and henchmen who nuked the hands of people not even involved in the fight…stupid marksman henchman! Nothing went right other than we limped away at the end of turn 30 alive and that was saying something. Found that silver lining.

Instead I will regale you with the rather lame tale of today. Being a good parent, tired from a late night, and realizing that I am less than impressed with the education that the children are receiving in anything other than math, science, and spelling AND today was another needless half-day (the school district has snow days to burn off, today would have been a good way to get rid of half-of-one) I slept in. My sleeping-in gave the children the day off. Having the day off, the children not me, left me with a pool of labor to draw from and I was excited to have assistance with my big project, moving prep.

I am big on having as much packed and ready to be loaded and moved before moving day. So much so that this time it has been requested of me that I not pack everything we own six weeks before the move. Fine. I won’t do that, but I can pack some stuff can’t I? Why yes, as long as the stuff is mine.

Which how I ended up in the toy section of the house. There are more than a few toy sections in this place, but one, the game closet has become a huge honking mess. A mess I wanted to tackle…with some help. Enter the children who thought they had a day off. Step one, pull out the games. Step one-and-a-half, realize that is a stupid idea because we don’t have enough space in the room for all of the games in the closet. You do the math on that one.

Step one, revised, pull out all of the games in the toss or maybe pile. Sitting amongst a large pile of board and card games that we don’t want for a variety of reasons, such as “was no fun” to “bought it cheap and thought how bad could it be? That bad” to the ever popular Robotech Kickstarter 3-years overdue for the rest of my order.

Step two, teach the children my favorite moving prep game Pack, Sell, or Toss. Pick something, look at it, and then decide “do you pack the item for the move, attempt to sell the item, or throw the item out?” Pack and sell are the best options, but let’s be honest, nobody wants to move everything. Moving everything gets tiring especially when you have five years of new stuff on top of the stuff you brought here. The kids had fun learning the game, which will come in handy in a few months when they have to pack, sell, or toss their stuff.

The results from today, a few packs, a bunch of sells, and a whole lot of scavenge for parts and toss the rest. Going to be a long move prep.

Finally for Mrs. Fever, Happy Birthday here is a mini-Pony Party for you.


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