User His Doodle Form

I have no idea what a doodle form is, but when that text arrived I knew I had to use it as the title for today’s blog.

giphy (2)Honestly, it sounds a bit dirty. I’m sure it isn’t. Probably some sort of doodling ap…then again, let’s go with dirty. Dirty is almost always more fun and salacious than clean.

My weekend was spent assisting with homework (not mine), editing (mine and not mine), and reading. Editing on 500 Words is going well. I have made my way through over half of the current crop of posts. I apologize for the mess that some of them are. I promise the book will be edited and not as messy (notice the “not as”…get my disclaimer in early).* As I move through the posts I am making lots of notes, turns out I make a lot of references to future posts, some of which I have done…a lot I have not. On the plus side, there is a lot more to write (second book? shameless future plug). On the downside, there is a lot to write that I reference, but have not written.

The gamer in me says leave the unwritten stuff for the second book as a hook to get them (meaning you) to purchase the book. After all you have to see how the story ends…don’t you?

You can probably give radioactive analogs to DNA components to terminally ill people as a more ethical way to see where it goes in the brain. Then when they die you just look at it.

-Another quotable text

I love when people text me mid-blog…any way, what I am discovering via writing and editing is that I have a lot more to write about than I thought. The original plan was 20 to 30 posts; just look at the 500 Words count now. I don’t know why I ever thought it would be a quick thing to write about 5 years where so much has happened and I have had so much invested. Given I haven’t gotten into the nitty-gritty of some topics, my original plan most likely involved some light-hearted, quasi-funny look into college life as a 40+ year old, but damn if there isn’t some good and relevant material.

Between bouts of editing I spent a lot of my “free-time” (read kids in bed and adults working on homework) reading the rules to Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, by Fantasy Flight Games. I know, I am late to the party, but that is when the women are suitably liquored up for my lame moves to have some moderate chance of success. And that ties directly in to the clearance sale prices of most of the books and supplement I have purchased for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. It also ties into how entertaining I have been finding the books and system. A better review will follow later, but if you are a fan of the roleplaying systems of Fantasy Flight Games (FFG), such as Star Wars using non-standard dice, then you will not only find this familiar, but fun. FFG has taken the rich lore of Warhammer Fantasy and created their own spin on the system and setting. Very enjoyable.

Now, I have a fryer to clean.

Doodle form indeed.

* Messy is a hallmark of mine. Not messy as in disgusting, but messy as in…well a man who wears military fatigues, T-shirts, doesn’t really care what his hair is doing, yet has a college degree and comports himself in the manor of a…despot, crazy person, CEO of a company unconcerned with the affairs of mortals…you know what you pick the manor in which I comport myself, after all I control the comments. 🙂


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