Ice Storm Day on Pandora

What can I say about today?

Borderlands2I have a sinus thing going on. This could be due to the rain, snow, freezing rain, slush, and other wet weather or this could be from all of the disease vectors (read family members) in my house. Either way, I feel less than the full me.

Being less than me has not affected what I have done for the day other than staring at words, such as when editing, makes my head go “no.” Not a shouted “NO!” But a subtle, yet firm “no.” Since reading and editing are out or at least at reduced rates, what have I done?

I chipped off the sheath of ice that covered our car to make a trip to the grocery store. Why was I making a trip to the grocery store in the middle of an ice storm? Cuz I’m stupid. Actually…no, its because I am stupid. I can say that I went to pick up supplies for sushi for our girl’s birthday dinner, but that trip could have waited to tomorrow. I could say that I had other business to take care of before the campus went on reduced hours due to the holiday…yes, we are on break again days after the last break. Why not make one mega-break and call it a thing?

The kids have a snow…or should I say ice storm day. And that may be the real reason why I left the house because they were driving me nuts. I’m okay with this ice day, as it really is not safe for anything other than something with skates for feet or lives in artic conditions naturally, such as a walrus or penguin.

Back from the frozen or partially frozen wasteland of the grocery store I did what any man my age does, play video games. What, you thought I was going to drink a coffee and read a paper while my favorite news channel played in the background? Wrong! Coffee tastes like ass. Papers are dead. And news channels do more yelling, which given the kids natural state of yelling, makes me not want to watch the news.

Video games are fun. Bright colorful fun. Thus, when feeling less than me I retreat to the comfort zone of games. Pathfinder Adventure Card Game has been on hold while the adults finish large projects. Hopefully, we will be resuming this weekend, until then back to Borderlands for me! I loved playing Borderlands. The mix of cell-shaded graphics, violence, Diablo loot system, whacky characters, and so on kept me occupied for a long time. Then other games came along…you know the routine, play the newest games and forget the oldest until…the time of sorrow…

What is a time of sorrow? In video game terms it is a time when there is nothing I want to play or purchase and I look back to games that used to give me pleasure. Destiny and Diablo were my fallbacks, but they have hit this weird place. Destiny no longer has anything that interests me unless I am playing with friends or want to restart the whole game. Diablo is always mindless fun, but that is it. Borderlands…well that was a lot of things (see above), but not available or not available for a good price…guess what happened this weekend?

giphy (3)If you guessed that I have been in Pandora bliss, you guessed right.

If you don’t what Pandora is…get out and play some video games and maybe hit me up on the XboxOne.


5 thoughts on “Ice Storm Day on Pandora

  1. I don’t have an Xbox One… but I live on Pandora! I’ve got all three games for PS3, and both Borderlands for my Xbox 360… and I so very much love cranking up a game and going on killing sprees! I’ve “beaten” all three games several times now… but I can’t stop playing them!

    1. Ankoku1331

      I haven’t played the pre-sequel yet, but I am working on my third or fourth play through of 1 and 2. The kids are also playing, which is cool to see.

      1. Oh, the pre-sequel is both familiar and not so much – and I’m not gonna spoil it for you. I play Borderlands more than any of the other games I have; I tell myself that since I’ve beaten all of them, I don’t need to keep playing… then I fire up the PS3 and commence to killing things gleefully… and for hours at a time.

      2. Yeah, you can… but I think he’s the weakest character. I haven’t gotten the DLCs for the pre-sequel yet so I don’t know about playing with Handsome Jack or the other character.

        And it’s almost time to get back to the killing…

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