Pre-Easter Mishmash

Happy Pre-Easter. I wouldn’t remember Easter, let alone pre-Easter unless something happened. In this case, I got a yellow octopus as part of a new tradition around here. The new tradition, celebrating Easter or at least the giving of candy and stuffed animals to the kids in fun and useful baskets. Apparently I am a kid. I am fine with that.

Holiday out of the way, I move on.

We finished the last three scenarios of Skulls and Shackles. We did not enjoy ourselves. The last three scenarios felt more like “screw you” than fun. The easiest way to explain this is that we did not feel challenged we felt like someone was trying to drain our resources and by doing that, we would be challenged. Okay, good idea in theory, except that the resource drain, such as a location that caused the player to bury their discard pile, were annoying and constant. If you have ever played Magic the Gathering against a Mill Deck (your opponent is trying to win not by beating you, but by causing you to discard all of your cards), then you know what I am talking about. The last three scenarios became more of a race to find and beat the villain before we were decked (MTG term :)), thus eliminating a lot of the preparation and character building we had done to that point.

But I can now say, that after three different attempts to play through Skulls and Shackles, I have done it. Moving on.

This weekend we celebrated our girl’s birthday. Her birthday was in the middle of the week, never a good time to celebrate a child’s birthday. She wanted as she always does “toys” and “sushi.” Toys was easy, in that she wanted some Lego Elves and she got some Lego Elves. Interesting to me is the Elves kits are more focused on Dragons, but not called Lego Dragons even though each kit came with a really cool dragon.

Sushi might have been an issue, you know dead rice cooker and all. However, we did get a new rice cooker and while the Cuckoo has been banging out the best rice of ever for a week or so now, how would it cook sushi rice? It handled sushi rice excellently. The directions violate EVERY sushi rice cooking lesson and recipe I have. Yet, the rice is great. Individual grains, little if any clumpage even after dressing is applied, and so on.

This will explain to you how we are on our second day of sushi and 7-cups of sushi rice. Part of that is I went overboard with ingredients. I love practicing my knife skills and finding new things to put into sushi that the kids may like and I want to try. Plus our standing list keeps growing with each new success.

New things this time:

  1. Red Bell Pepper
  2. Asparagus, blanched
  3. Chicken Fries…yes, you read that right. Instead of fried chicken the shape of which has made rolling difficult at times, chicken fries (the “good” ones) are uniform in shape with similar taste profile, plus kids love them



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