HunchFace of Big Rapids

I feel like shit.

This will be another short post and until I feel better there may be more.

Thursday, I got a sinus funk.

Friday, the funk got worse and my teeth started hurting. Typically, this is a sign of a bad sinus infection, nothing more.

Saturday, a single tooth hurt so much that I could not get to sleep.

Sunday, at the ER because a side of my face had ballooned up over night and I was in such pain I could barely function. 

Monday, on a course of anti-biotics and pain med, my face is still swollen, although not as much so I am told. The pain in manageable, in that I can sleep, but not much else.

I hope to be well tomorrow or at least able to read a page of text before passing out or tossing the text aside out of frustration due to pain. Right now, back to sleep until the next dose of meds.


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