HunchFace of Big Rapids Update

HunchFace is feeling less hunchface and much better. The swelling has gone down enough that I recognize myself in the mirror and can shave. I like to shave my face because mange is not a good look for me. The children no longer shy away from looking me in the face and people delivering packages continue to drop the packages and run…this may have nothing to do with HunchFace. The villagers never showed up with torches and pitchforks.

I’m almost back to sleeping my regular schedule and I have been able to cook again. Writing, other than blogging is not up to par nor is reading, but as the medicine continues to work those things will get back to normal. Next week is a light week for me due to the kids being home for their Spring Break, this has me hopeful that the remaining meds and rest will get me back to 110%.

While recovering I was able to play a bit of Pathfinder Adventure Card Game. Try to read more Warhammer Fantasy, but as I noted above the drugs combined with swelling have made reading an issue. I want to read more and try to create a character in the hopes of encouraging some roleplaying before the end of the semester and move.

Hell, being all HunchFacey kept me from finishing Daredevil Season 2 until today. Watch Daredevil if you get a chance. I loved it. Wasn’t able to start House of Cards or anything else. Pain has a way of putting a lot on hold. Such as 500 Words and Paul’s game. In a silver lining moment, while at Staples a really helpful saleslady clued me in on printable index cards. I have no idea how long these have been available, but for a guy who has been doing a lot of hand writing and drawing on index cards being able to format a document and print out what I want is GREAT!

To wrap this update up, feeling better, getting back into the swing of things. Hopefully this weekend will see some gaming, cooking, and a continued sense of non-HunchFaceyness.


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