Robotech RPG Tactics & Other Unwanted Games On A Snow Day

It’s snowing.

That right there should be more than enough of a post for the day, but there’s more.

While cleaning out and packing up the game closet I stumbled upon the failed Kickstarter Robotech RPG Tactics. I call it failed because the game is bad, the miniatures are passable, but more importantly, closing in on three years (maybe even over three years) I have not gotten all that I paid for. You can read any of the Robotech RPG Tactic posts to read about my experiences with the miniatures and game play. You can even read some thoughts about the whole process, but honestly I had forgotten about the damn thing other than to read the weekly “We are doing something, but nothing we can tell you about” or “Here are some pictures of stuff we may or may not be doing” or my favorite “You are mean to us” spam emails from Palladium.

Just because numbers amuse me here are the latest numbers from Forar who keeps track of these things:

  1. Days since Wayne said he’d give us a full breakdown on the status of all the pieces: **270**
  2. Days since the campaign ended: 1,050
  3. Days until the end of 2017: 638

To make sense of them: 1.) is the last time that a person “with information” said that he would provide a breakdown or update the status of the project. You know like a project manager (if they have one) would do. 2.) is the amount of time (in days) since the Kickstarter was closed. 3.) is the current projected potential possible presentation of the remaining items from the Kickstarter. Keep in mind we are still in 2016.

Ah well. Guess this is the new gaming business model. 😦

Finding the box of crap (my words) got me thinking what to do with the numerous games that I purchased while here that a.) we didn’t like and/or b.) don’t want to move. Having moved a lot there are a few items that I am very selective about moving books and games, because both are heavy and take up a lot of space in relation to their size. Thus, when looking at a walk-in closet filled with games, the first thought in my head is, “Crap. I don’t want to move all of this.”

I have gone through a couple rounds of keep and not-keep. Unless the not-keep was a complete waste of time I have kept the not-keep stuff. I know, what is the point of making piles of keep and not-keep if you are just going to keep the not-keep? The point was, I did not know or even have a clue what to do with the not-keep stuff.

  • Selling on ebay is a pain in the ass.
  • Do not mention Craig’s list to me.
  • The local gaming group has no money nor interest in over 100 games; I would gladly sell them all of the games cheap and offered them
  • The local “hobby store” is run by a fool and his powerless to make decisions lackeys. I should know, I took a small batch of books I didn’t care about to see what happened. The employee had to call the owner at work (yes, you read that right the hobby shop owner was at his other job) and while waiting for the boss to call back, suggested I leave my stuff and they would get back to me. My counter was, “If this was a drug deal, this is the part where you get shot in the chest for trying to screw me.” The boss called seconds later, low-balled me, but as I said, I didn’t care. Took my cash and am waiting for the place to go under.

Which leaves me with a bunch of unwanted games. The problems of moving in a small town.


4 thoughts on “Robotech RPG Tactics & Other Unwanted Games On A Snow Day

  1. Do you have a Half Price Books near you? They buy games, music, movies, and books. If you gather all your things together they will give you an all-or-nothing cash offer. Sometimes it’s decent, sometimes it’s low, depending on the store budget and the types of things (and the condition they are in) you bring. I go to mine periodically, and always do a large unload prior to a move.

    If you don’t have that chain, specifically, I’d recommend getting in touch with a reputable used book store or used music store. You will likely have better luck than dealing with hobby shops. That’s been my experience, anyway.

    1. Ankoku1331

      Good ideas. I will be looking around to see what is in the area. It may turn into a roadtrip with a fully loaded car of stuff I no longer want.

  2. Half Price Books will lowball you, too, but if you’re just looking to dump the games just to get rid of them, it’s one of the few places that will pick up used stuff of that nature.

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