500 Words At A Time: Looking Around

This will be the last post in the 500 Words book. This is not the last 500 Words post. Did that make sense?

I was sitting in our bedroom looking around and had a wistful moment where I thought to myself, “I will not see this again in a few months.” That spiraled into all of the other things that I most likely will not see again in a few months. I know I have been very “can’t wait to get out of here because this place sucks,” but there are things that I will miss. After all, five years is quite the while to stay in one place.

The Scenery: Hills, trees, and blue skies. While this is not Montana beautiful (a whole other story of mine), Big Rapids and the campus has plenty of scenery to marvel at. At one point most of my Instagram was pictures of trees, sunsets, snow, hills, bushes, and wildlife that I took while walking around.

There is nothing preventing me from coming back, but most of what I saw only happened because I was walking from one place to another-random life moments-and those are not easy to reproduce. Thus the experience will be different. While I am writing about scenery and photos, my favorite scenery moment was the only time my camera decided not to work; I stepped out of class to find a car stuck in a bush. The driver was okay, looked like they misjudged how slippery the road was and buried their car into a newly planted row of bushes.

Chalk that up to my odd sense of humor. The scenery will be one thing I miss.

The Wildlife Museum: This is a small and stupid thing to miss, but Ferris has a wildlife museum. A closet of space filled to the brim with stuffed animals, the vast majority of which are not local unless at some point Ferris was in the middle of a jungle, savannah, or swamp. I would cut through the Arts and Science building just to pass the stuffed bear in display case and when I needed a break from people visit the museum.

Walking Across Campus: I like walking across campus. I don’t do it as much as I used to due to my schedule, but when I can I walk across campus. Other than bad weather days, the view is nice (see scenery above), people watching is fun, and there was something fun and good about walking up and down the hills to get to my destination.

Bumping Into People: Related to walking and scenery is that I have gotten to know enough people that I bump into people I know. Some, like the professors, I will take a few moments to chat with before we move on, others I wave at, and others I keep on walking. Still nice to bump into people I know in one way or another. Outside of Ann Arbor of 20+ years ago, I haven’t had this experience. I like it. Now when I bump into people, it will be because I am visiting them. Just not the same.

The Porn Store: This isn’t related to the college directly, but it is. On days when everything went to shit, I could travel to the border of town where the only porn store was located. As long as one saleswoman was there it was the most fun anyone could have…provided you enjoyed talking about life, sex, and sex toys with a very funny woman in the middle of a pornslashpot store. Think what you want, but laughing about sex toy trends, people who visit the shop totally unprepared for sex, and life in general always turned a bad day around. After all if you can’t get a laugh out of sex and sex toys you may want to check your pulse.

In the end what I really will be missing are the memories…well I guess I can’t miss memories, but you get the idea. In some way, despite how much I have bitched, complained, groaned, moaned, and wanted to get out of here, this place has left an impression upon me. I know I have left an impression on this place so it is only fair.






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