Back to Normal…?

Our boy, back from school, is showing us an episode of Bill Nye and I am wondering who was on drugs. Good information, but the presentation is a bit much for me.  Oh well, I’m not the target audience and he is interested enough to show us this episode for a science project idea. Just not sure if the idea is in the episode or in the numerous innuendo jokes…”This is a bung. That makes the hole a…” Ugh.

Any way the fifth word is the important word. Did you count?

If you got SCHOOL you were correct.

Last week was Spring Break for the children or as I like to call it the annual wearing away of my sanity and soul. If the weather had not been total crap I had plans to keep them occupied, exercised, and most importantly tired out. Alas, Mother Nature who is punishing me for something I have done in this life or the past few dumped snow, rain, freezing rain, and cold temperatures on us. Meaning that going outside for long walks would have been in the cards only if the adults thinking they were smart had not put away most…all of the winter gear.

In our defense it was warmish out when we put away the winter gear. Plus, I was tired of picking up coats, boots, hats, and gloves from the hallway where children and an adult or two (not me of course) dropped them on the way in. Thus, being smart we put away the winter gear and winter came back…

What happens to children when they have a week off, but nothing outdoors to do? They drive the adult home with them crazy with their boredom. What is sad to me is that there is plenty to do here for adults and children. Between the toys that the kids have and the adult toys, XboxOne. There is so much for kids to do.

Yet, when push comes to shove they claim to be bored.




Board Games?

Card Games?






Holy crap! They have more to do than I do and what they have to do is fun. I didn’t even ask them to clean or shower or anything even remotely related to cleanliness. That is a lie, I did make sure that they stayed clean. As for their room, when bored you clean your room. Guess what, they quickly found something to do…for about five minutes.

And the bickering and fighting and whining and tattle telling and the….AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! If Mother Nature had not been pissed at me they would have been at the parks, long walks around town, the wildlife or make that the stuffed wildlife museum. They would have been anywhere other than here driving me mad. But they were here. And with each passing day my sanity slipped a little more until I found myself up late at night shooting bandits in the face on Borderlands 2 just to make the anger fade enough that I would be more human in the morning.

Then it happened…Spring Break was over. I dropped the last child off, drove off, and the sun came out, rainbows appeared, and glorious music played (I may have had the stereo volume up). They were at school, the routine was going to return, and I felt better or for me more…normal?


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