500 Words At A Time: I Got Lucky

Twenty some days left.

I need to wrap up this 500 Words or at least get it to a sense of end of this story.

Even as I wrote that sentence, I know that it is not true because as I edit the posts for print I find myself writing more and making notes for more, but for right now, the last 20 some days of this, my final semester, I need to make an end point.

I got lucky. I have said this a lot through these 500 Words. I do not say that lightly. This whole college experiment/experience could have gone a completely different direction. I’m not saying, I would not have gone for five years. I had to go for the five years, I was the bank and without the bank and some much needed outside assistance we would have never survived here for five years. No, what I mean when I say that this could have gone a completely different direction is that I could be one of the faceless students who did what was necessary or barely necessary, passed and that was that or I could be one of the students I know who has had nothing, but bad experience after bad experience.

My bad experiences have typically been of my own…cause (not the right word), but I know why they happened and usually they did not happen to me without something I did to start the ball rolling…even if that start was enrolling; looking at you stupid and unnecessarily stress inducing registration process. I could have had an advisor who cared less. I could have had professors who could have cared less. I could have had a much worse time. I know this. I know I got lucky. I am thankful for my luck.

Acknowledging my luck, does not diminish the work that I put into this whole experience or my skills or forceful (some would say dickish) personality, but does acknowledge that I did not do this alone.

Sandy, my advisor and professor of several classes. No matter what you do in college, make friends with your advisor. Your advisor is not there just to advise you, they are there to assist you in getting where you want to go or they should. Sandy went above and beyond anything I have ever heard any advisor ever doing. I do not know why. I suspect some of it was to see if I would do it or to see what would happen. I don’t care why. I care that she took time out of her very busy schedule to meet with me, listen to my craziness, redirect my craziness, and ensure that even when I had no clue, she knew or at least had a clue what direction I should go. Thank you.

Paul, regular readers have been reading about Paul for years now. He is more than a professor and friend. He is like family to me. Without Paul I would not have done…well, a shit ton of work. 🙂 I could list the skills I have learned in his classes and from him directly. I could talk more about the two years of research. I could talk about a lot; instead of that I will talk about the numerous lunches and dinners where we talked about nothing at all…not in that annoying Seinfeld way, but in that way that two people who have many shared interests and are familiar enough with each other can. Sure there were school related talks, but once that was taken care of it was onto family, TV shows, movies, philosophy, food, life, games, and so much more. Paul, during my time here was a person I could go to with my problems and he would, because he knew me, give me suggestions that fit my personality and were likely to result in a positive outcome.

I got lucky. Those two people are two reasons why I know I got lucky, because I met them and they had an influence on me and my education that goes beyond measure. There are other people and I will get to them over the next few posts.


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