Sixty-Six Oh Five

What a great day outside. The sky is blue. The clouds, what few there are, are white and fluffy. The temperature is good enough for me to wear my cult leader vest. WHOOO! What more could I ask for? Glad you asked.

I have been working on losing weight…and it has been sucessfull. I weigh less, not a whole bunch, but enough consistently to be happier and I now fit into a Large size T-shirt. Its a snug fit, but I fit! Knowing me I will keep buying XL and XXL T-shirts because I like the oversize, but I can when needed or wanted fit into an L. WHOO! 🙂

Are you familiar with Gearbox? They made Borderlands and Borderlands 2. Soon they will be releasing Battleborn. Until then there is an open beta and we are playing in it. I am always leery of open betas; how much of the game is actually finished and how much are they testing because they aren’t sure? Battleborn feels close to finished if not finished and this is to see how subtle balance issues work out.

Three days of play, all story missions, has left all of us with a very “WANT” outlook. Simply put Battleborn is your typical first person shooteresque game. Except that the variety of characters is impressive. There are seven or eight characters unlocked and they all play differently. Not subtly, like you are playing a re-skinned this or that with one extra move, but unique characters. I did not like all of the characters, but I did find several that fit my play styles and moods, such as Rath a close combat beast with a touch of vampire abilities. Or some robotic fellow dressed like a British man who is an excellent sniper.

Individually, paired, and as part of online groups we have been learning Battleborn one game at a time. Battleborn is like chess, in that the rules are simple: run, dodge, shoot, use special abilities, upgrade, and win. Also like chess, the challenge lay in how you use the pieces. The pieces being your character who has upgradeable powers, except that at each level you can only choose one upgrade. Further, as you, the player, level up you unlock additional variable content, most important of the content is the equipment slots.

While playing you or another player may find equipment. The equipment is held until you reach level three at which point you can equip three pieces of equipment at a time. Like every game each piece of equipment has varying levels of abilities and rarities, with the higher rarities being better…sometimes. The three pieces of equipment are useable by any character. As your level increases you get additional loadouts to create custom gear for whatever characters suit your fancy.

Despite three days of play none of us have completed either of the story modes. Try as we might nada. Then today, 66:05 later we along with two randoms completed the first story mode. And here is what surprised all of us, characters unlocked. It was awesome. I’ve been in betas where you play and get nothing for playing. This was the full experience.

If you get the chance to play in the beta give it a try. I bet you will like it. I know we do.


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