I Am the Arena Master…of the house

Arena 2It was an Arena day. I know, I know, it was a nice day out and I should get out and absorb some of that good vitamin D. Does it help that I sat in front of an open window enjoying the breeze and absorbing the vitamin D? Does a shirt prevent the absorption of vitamin D? Regardless, I told our boy that I would play Arena with him yesterday, but we were out all day and being a man of my word, I set up the table early in the morning to play. Then I went out grocery shopping. I didn’t say when we would play.

Knowing the children like I do, I knew once we started playing there would be a line of people wanting to play. Krosmaster Arena is a visually attractive game after all. Upon my return the first game of the day started and honestly the most important because I was doing what I said I would do.

Arena 5I have been trying to find a team to use for all of my games. I believe in finding whatever works for my style of playing in any game and playing that to death to learn a game. Then move onto other ways of play. That way I master the game without a lot of fumbling around. Alas, I have been doing way more fumbling than I would like. Winning along the way, but I think that has more to do with a lifetime of gaming under my belt than anything else.

The team centered around Victor Von Doom lacked ranged attacks meaning I tended to take a beating until I could close to melee and pummel out a victory. Worse, I like the look of Von Doom a lot, but his abilities are less than stellar. Looking at other figures, I found Goultard, who is an overpowered beast and I do mean overpowered beast. The only downside to him is that he takes up half my available team building posts. I built up a team and started play.

Arena 3First game against our boy’s team of knights and the Queen of Tofus went better than expected. I took out the Queen of Tofus and then the knights, losing two characters along the way, but Goultard took a beating and dished out quite the beating in return. I felt kinda bad because Goultard was such a beast, but I won. 🙂 In all seriousness, I considered not using him again, but wanted to see if this was just a match up thing.

The next game Goultard met his match in the form of a sword wielding woman named Emma Sacre. At four points with an ability that she can’t seem to immediately use, she wasn’t much of a threat…or so I thought. Arena 8She one-shotted an 8-health character. Bare in mind she had a piece of equipment that helped, but her average damage output was 4 a hit. That is a lot when up to her the average damage was 1.5. This game went long when the only characters on the board were Emma and Goultard. Knowing I, playing as Goultard, could not match her damage output unless I got lucky, and she had two unknown Demonic Rewards in addition to the one revealed, I choose discretion as the better part of valor. In other words, I kept moving until the Demons of Hours and Minutes, took away her last Golden Gallon.

Was it my best victory, nope. But I won. 🙂

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