500 Words At A Time: As A Teacher, Slam Dance Edition

What do you do when half the class shows up and the other half (duh, obviously) does not show up? Why you reward those students who showed up with cookies and a bonus to the project that is normally done on Wednesday, but now has been moved to Thursday. This means that those who showed up today have gotten cookies and one extra day to work on the project.

Another thing you do, print off personal projects. Yes, I did that. I admit it and I will do it again…well not so much as these personal projects all relate to projects I am doing for my last semester. Still, you print.

What else do you do? Oh, I know, we talked about lunch. Seems that despite the cookies, the three of us, Professor, PK, and I were hungry. Unfortunately, we were not able to sync our schedules despite some well meaning, “Quit your job” and “Skip your class talk.” Apparently we are serious about our jobs and classes. Who knew?

I spent some time looking over their online portfolios. I have not been keeping up to date on them because;

  1. I was told the deadline had passed and they should be done
  2. More importantly, only three people have listened to ANY advice given to them and/or the deadlines

Which means that my job was done approximately a month ago, but I cannot leave things alone, thus I looked. I feel bad for these students should the presentation audience be half-as-bad (bad in a good way) as last year. Three of the portfolios are could be labeled abandoned. I know that if I was a follower of their portfolio/blog I would have canceled my subscription after a month without any new content or fixing of obvious problems.

Sad thing, is that they have been told this by me, the professor, and PK. Some people care and others care not. I cannot do anything about those who care not or who think they know more. Thus, I closed those online portfolios without a second thought and moved onto to those who are trying.

As I am not a teacher, I can say out loud that I have two portfolio (online and print) favorites with a third that I like and if she takes PK’s suggestion of adding her artwork I will really like. I will be happy to say that I had a hand (even if was just as suggestor (is that a word?) and advisor) in.

Kira has worked hard from the start and her portfolios show that work. If she gets the print portfolio to bend to her will, she will have a stellar presentation.

Nycole, let her freak flag fly and knocked her print portfolio out of the park (I gasped with glee). Her online portfolio took some time but matches her print in quality.

Megan, has quietly asked for and listened to the advice given to her. Her progress has been slow, but steady and then…she revealed that she can draw and now things have changed. If she adds some of her artwork to her online portfolio it will truly be hers.

Please take a look at them and let me know what you think, hell if you can let them know what you think.

Finally, with only half the class there, talk turned, in an odd way, to my past of 20+ some years ago where I dressed the same, had hair down to my ass, carried a large knife, slam danced a lot, and did full contact fighting (slightly more organized that just fighting) on a regular basis. I never claimed to be a good person in my past. Still as I was leaving a student who wandered into the classroom and had been listening to the conversation asked, “What’s slam dancing?”

Just a lot of my misspent youth…sad slam dancer.

So what was slam dancing to me, all of my anger, rage, aggression, sexual energy, and violence put to music…but that is not what I told the student. I referred him to PK, “PK will tell you,” I said as I left with my cookies.

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