500 Words At A Time: Just When You Think You Are Out…

Let me reassure everyone who has been following along for the past five years, despite the title, I am graduating with the degree. What was next has been up in the air. The primary reason the future was in doubt was due to Barb; would she graduate, now that she is graduating, would she find a job quickly? The answer is yes she did.

After that, finding a place to live. We have done this yet, but given the stresses here looking for a place to live has steadily dropped from number one RIGHT NOW to as soon as graduation is over, back to number one. We asked for some additional time before we had to move and got it, thus we do not have to immediately worry about a roof over our heads.

With finding a home on the back burner my thoughts turned to “what next” and I thought…no, it was indicated that plans were in motion to get me a gig teaching a blogging class here at Ferris. It would’ve only been a 1-credit course. Given, how much I have been pushing for a blogging and social media course as part of the degree I am/was geeked that I was even considered. Let alone people making the effort to get me to be the teacher.

As excited and honored as I was about the potential, I was pessimistic that I would be allowed to teach. Hopeful…very hopeful, but pessimistic. Today, I received the news I was expecting. Nope. The class will go on, but not with me as a teacher. It was not for a lack of trying, but due to credentials. Turns out that despite having the experience, taught the class 1 1/2 times to a world wide audience, that I lack credentials of the paper variety.

Well I’m done. Aren’t I?

I did my college experience. The family survived and has the potential to thrive. I sacrificed more than five years to ensure that this happened. Don’t I deserve a break?

Thankfully, I do not think like that. If I want to teach I need to go back to school or would this be a continuation of college? I need a Master Degree in English or some related topic, such as biology…its a joke, there is a biology teacher with a philosophy degree on display, no biology degree. But do I want to go back?

Yes and no. I do enjoy teaching. Seems I have a knack for it and the more I teach the more I learn how to teach better and the more I enjoy teaching. From that standpoint, yes I want to get whatever certifications are necessary. However, I just finished five years of education and want to get on with my life or at least try to pick up where I left off or some other cliché that indicates do my own thing. Except I was really, and I do mean, really bummed when I found out I would not be teaching…so much so I sat on the couch for an hour just brooding.

I could list all of the pros and cons, but the essential decision is, “Do I want to teach or not?”


3 thoughts on “500 Words At A Time: Just When You Think You Are Out…

  1. To teach at universities, an MA is generally required. However, tech schools and community colleges operate differently. So if you’re interested in teaching at the post-secondary level without (or before attaining) an MA, you have options. 🙂

    Has Barb started her new job?


    1. Ankoku1331

      If I’m going to teach, then college is where I’d like to be. However, getting some experience while working on degree is important to me. As for Barb a little longer on her last rotation and then off to job. 🙂

      Thank you for your feedback on the student’s portfolios.


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