My Day Could Be Your Day…With A Cookie



Heavy Traffic.

Power Outage.

Internet Outage.

Stupid Emails left and right.

Crappy Movies from the 80’s and 90’s that I didn’t watch when it was the 80’s and 90’s.

This has been my day so far and it doesn’t look to change.

Well the clouds just parted and the sun came out, but the rest of it looks to be in firm hold of the day. I don’t know why, but I went to bed with this sensation that something stupid was on the horizon and today has been pretty stupid.

Nothing overly AHHHHHH, just lots of little stupid. Take the power outage. Every received an email yesterday that the power was going to be turned off for several courts today. Why this email did not go out earlier giving people proper warning I do not know. What I do know is that for a time I sat in a house without power while listening to the techno, disco, and Spice Girl beats from the softball field across the way. Why I have to listen to their music and announcing is beyond me. Hell, why anyone even twenty feet from the small base/softball field has to is beyond me.

But there I was listening to music that I didn’t listen to when it was popular. Spice Girls for girls softball games? I would, if I was a female player, protest vigorously as there are lots of better female musical acts. Oh well, who am I to know what music is popular to play at a softball game attended by the players, staff of the team, a few family members, and curious people who stopped to look at the giant inflatable Ferris Bulldog Head and got sucked into sitting in the stands. At least someone could have paid them a twenty like they do to fill the seats for talk shows.

I want to say that end of every year of school is like this, but I am too lazy to make that kind of declarative statement or look up past posts to see if I have written this exact or eerily similar post four times previous. If someone would do that I am inclined to give them a shout out in tomorrow’s post and possibly send them a cookie. No worries, not a cookie that I baked, but an honest to deity store bought cookie.

That is if I can get into the stores. This time of year people should be leaving town. Not today. I had to fight my way into and out of several stores today they were so packed. I never knew that schools took students to Wendy’s or Big Box stores like they were showing them something not seen in their own town…

“Gather round students. This is a Meijers. Inside you can find almost anything you need.”

“Surely not!”

“That’s madness.”

“I want my mommy.”

“Calm down children. As scary as Meijers sounds, it really is a wonderland inside compared to the wasteland of our town.”

And that sums up my day so far. Anyone want that cookie?


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