Writing is Fun…(w)Right?

“How is writing fun?”

What is wrong with that statement, beyond the obvious?

Our boy as part of the daily, “I’m bored” routine, our boy asked that question when I said to him the various things he could be doing instead of being bored. Of course, everything was not what he wanted to be doing, but he did not know what he wanted to do. Only a laundry list of reasons why he didn’t want to be doing anything and then the question.

Have I done something wrong as a parent? I have shown him the power of words to get things done, to create new worlds, to create games, and so much more. And yet, despite sitting with me and creating a game of his own devising yesterday, he wanted to know how writing is fun?

Maybe, he is rebelling. You know how kids do the opposite of what their parents do, just because? I can understand that…yet, he writes all of the time. On his own. Without any prompting. Hell, he has spent over a year creating a video game world. That his video game world borrows heavily from games he has played and places he like to eat is not relevant. He created his own world in words and picture.

He will take the time to tell anyone who will listen about his video game; walking them through each page of notes and pictures. Paul, after listening to our boy over lunch asked questions, gave suggestions, and homework, writing homework, to expand his game. And our boy did it and continued to do it.

There is a “CCG” floating around here. Each card, a quarter of a sheet of cardstock with a hand drawn image, and game text. The last time I counted the cards and tried to help him write down the rules, there were over 200 cards. Each card has a story, in addition to game function. He wrote all of that down.

And yet, “How is writing fun?”

I see the writing that comes home from school, what little there is. There is very little writing in school and what writing he is doing is note taking. Nothing creative at all. I guess creative writing is not an important skill to learn. If all of the writing he is doing at school is not fun and that writing occupies a lot of time, maybe I can see where that question might arise.

Still, as much as I think he was giving me yet another excuse why he couldn’t do something while angling for what he wanted–he wanted to play Xbox, but knew if he asked I would say no, thus he tried to ensure that there were no other options for him not to be bored–there is part of me worried that he does not find writing as fun as it is and as it can be.

Hopefully, he is learning through me that writing is fun. Writing can do a lot more than put words to page or screen. Writing is more than writing down notes that you will not care about once the class is over, because as creative as he is, as science oriented as he is, writing is in his future.



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