500 Words At A Time: Last Week & What’s Next

Five more weekdays, then I am done. Actually six weekdays as I will be around for the final exam of the students I have been helping. I won’t be helping them with their exam, but I will be around. This also means the last five 500 Words about college. 500 Words will continue on another subject later.

What is next?

I don’t know about other degrees other than what I have seen, but my degree does not come with a built in job. There is a lot of talk about what you can do, what you could do, what you should do, but there is no hand-holding from graduation into a job. Pharmacy there is. I know, because that is how Barb got a couple of interviews and a job.

So what is next career wise? I guess find one. Then again, my “career” could be another 1,000 words. Suffice to say, the question of “What is next?” is on many minds and will be on yours way before you graduate. If you are lucky enough to be in a program that holds your hand into a job, TAKE IT. You may not like your first job, but guess what you have one and can take that experience into another job. If your degree does not hold your hand into a job, I hope you have a plan, idea, or hint of where to get yourself a job and go get it.

Another option, move onto graduate school. I have no idea if graduate school is for you or hell, for me, but if you do not have a job lined up or happen to be in a program that requires a graduate degree…cough, cough Pharmacy…get on that. Transition from undergraduate to graduate school is easiest while your mind and body are still in the school mode.

What else is next?

Get ready for a culture transition shock of sorts. School to no school is quite the hit to the psyche. Sure it sounds great, no classes, no grades, no homework, no exams, and no early mornings or late nights. On the other hand, structure goes out the window, you are on your own. A safe place to try and fail goes out the window, if you have a job you better get it right more than you get it wrong. If you don’t have a job, you better find something that makes you a valued member of society and get that right too. An overstatement, yes, but not as much as you might think. I should know being a stay-at-home dad has only become socially acceptable…to a degree.

Another culture transition shock, people. People come and go, but if you were doing college like many people do you have fond memories of friends, professors, and the like who you have dealt with for four years. Hopefully, all of you remain in touch and close. Unfortunately, life has shown that this does not happen. Everyone has their own life and that life and separation will only increase as time passes. Hold onto the memories, but do not let the memories become where you live. Plus, there is this thing called social media, works really well, so I am told.

What is next for me?

I think I have covered this before, but in case I have not…

  • ride out these last two weeks; six days for me, two weeks for Barb
  • take the weekend off, maybe visit some people
  • Barb starts her job ASAP, sorry no rest for the recent Pharmacy Graduate
  • Look for a place to live and move
  • the kids will still be in school, for a while…stupid snow days
  • Read over graduate programs in English from local colleges

I think that covers my “What next” for now.




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