500 Words At A Time: Do Different

This is the companion to yesterday’s post. This time around what I would do differently…some of this is hindsight. 🙂

Minors: I would have decided upon minors earlier and made a concerted effort to complete them. I would like to be in the position of I didn’t complete my minors because I didn’t like them. That sounds better to me than, “Well I stumbled into them and…” The dot dot dot is the various issues that cropped up as I tried to complete two minors at the last minute, which boils down to scheduling. Ah well. If I could do it all over again, I would stumble into them earlier and get them done.

Housing: My love hate relationship with our house and housing environment is well documented across this blog. In the end, if I had to do it all over again, I would not live on campus. Too many problems beyond my control or at times control of the powers that be. Apathy would best describe housing management that and a complete lack of power to do anything of meaning with problems other than file paperwork and hope that someone higher up takes notice. Suffice to say the bad of living on campus outweighs the good.

Research: I love the research that Paul and I did. Totally unlike every other form of “research” required of me in the last five years. I would not do the research any differently. Every “seat of the pants” moment shaped the project and my understanding of how research can be done. What I would do differently, is when the “No” came in, which ended the research is to go my own way and find anyway possible to continue on until I was satisfied. I gave up and I would change that.

Have a Plan: I went into this with no plan other than making sure that Barb graduated. I did not have an end game plan. Hell, if I did not get my degree that was fine with me. Until it wasn’t. At that point, I still did not have an end game. Graduate school, sure. But why? No clue. Then came teaching which I like a lot. Plan to become a teacher? Not really, kinda hoping I backed into it on accident. Well shit, that didn’t work. Now I am looking at a graduate program, for real. Perhaps if I had an end game plan when I went in I would have been on the graduate school teaching plan a lot sooner. Then again, flying by the seat of my pants has been a theme.

Job: This one is a hit or miss. When I received a paycheck a lot went very wrong around here even as a paycheck helped out. Hard to explain, but getting a paycheck for the research became something I had to deal with for two years afterwards. Why? The paycheck for the research was not actually a job, but a grant. Suffice to say a lot of institutions wanted to know about the “job” I had. I can only imagine having a job would have been a lot worse.

This list is little things and all related to choices I made or didn’t make for one reason or another. Nothing major at all other than the minors, but attempting to complete them was like many things, accidental in that I didn’t expect….well expect anything at all. Color me surprised. 🙂





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