500 Words At A Time: Undergraduate, Fin

I’m tired.

I’m done.

I’m finished.

There is nothing left for me to do as an undergraduate.

And that sums up my initial feeling about the last five years, tired.

Tired in a bone weary, soul wearing away way. If you have children the feeling is similar, except in this case there is an end. The end is graduation. I will graduate. Thus, I am done.

Over 100+ posts I have written about my time as a non-traditional undergraduate technical-professional communications student here at Ferris State University, which by the way is not easily found via typing FSU into a search bar. Seems there are a lot more famous FSUs. Just a side note.

I came here to ensure that Barb graduated. She will.

Went to classes on a lark and for shits and giggles.

Along the way discovered a lot about myself.

I could list everything I discovered, but then those of you who are joining the party late would not go back and read everything, thus depriving you of the joy of discovery and isn’t that what this tale was all about, ME?

Found a plan for the next few decades of my life that is not what I thought it would be five years ago.

Finished my application to graduate school.

And now I am done as an undergraduate and waiting on becoming a graduate student.

What can I say about the past five years as an undergraduate…

  1. There is no wrong age to go back to school
  2. There is always something to learn
  3. There is always something that you thought you knew and did not really know
  4. There is always something to discover
  5. There is always a faceless bureaucracy standing in the way, move them aside and carry on
  6. College work is a pain
  7. Busy work is a pain
  8. Accomplishment, daily, weekly, monthly, semester, and degree long are like a drug that you will crave
  9. Learn quickly not to procrastinate
  10. Learn even quicker to travel as light as possible
  11. Friend or at least try to friend professors you will be dealing with
  12. If you have children, let your professors know ASAP
  13. Family first
  14. Exams, quizzes, and tests are all the same thing and totally dependent upon the mood and test making skill of the professor.
  15. A grade is a letter, what you learn is important and not demonstrable with a single letter
  16. There will be a lot of assignments that you have zero interest in
  17. Learn to allocate your time before you get buried under stress
  18. Enjoy yourself

One last 500 Words to go and then done…until the book comes out.

I’m going to take a nap.





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