The Start of Gaming Season

School’s forever!

Not really…I might be back in school…

So school’s out for summer?

Shit, its not summer yet either…

Well damnit…

School is out. I do have one last thing to do, deliver a cookbook to a good friend…reading this PK, the cookbook that will change your life is here. 🙂 Then I am done until I hear yea or nay from CMU. Until then, other than moving my plan is to pack…crap that isn’t what I meant, but is what I will be doing…

Between boxes, running out for tape, and packing material I will be starting up gaming season. I miss gaming season. There was a time for me, when gaming season was year round. Those days are long gone. For a long while gaming season has been truncated. Shoe horned into holidays, summer breaks, and odd times off from school. I should make it clear that I am not referring to video games. Video games are fun, but for me at least, are not part of gaming season. Gaming season is where I get together with people who like to play games and play them over a tabletop. You know a face-to-face social time.

School is out, now gaming season begins or at least I hope that it does because between looking for a place and moving gaming will help alleviate the stress of looking and moving. Last night was a good start. It took a while, because the gamers I know are, like me, in school mode. School mode is where your brain says that school is due. I hate school mode.

Once past school mode (some adult beverages helped), we broke out Rise of the Runelords to pick up where we left off, which was Jorgenfist scenario of Fortress of the Stone Giants adventure (deck 4). Having been about a month and a half since our last game…wait…I’m being told that it has not been a month in a half…well guess what, it felt that long…it took a minute before everything started clicking into place. Such a strange thing, I remember game rules (even games I played 20+ years ago), but getting back into game mode took a bit of work.

That place was elbow deep in giants at their Giant Lair, makes sense when you think about it. Anywho, stuck beating up giants but in a really slow way, the other players made their way through the other locations. Sad thing is that if my deck had been in fast mode, multiple explorations a turn, then I might have been able to contribute not only my barbarian body, but the bonus of all giants difficulty is 2 less. Alas, one card at a time.

It felt great to be playing again and the only concern running through my head was will I be able to close this location and do more before the game ends around me. I was not thinking about homework, papers, or anything else related to school mode. Just gaming. Hopefully, there is a lot more gaming on the horizon…you know between finding and moving that is.



3 thoughts on “The Start of Gaming Season

    1. Ankoku1331

      Barb’s job is all around until she gets her license and then it is some place I have never even heard of Tarwas or Farwas. Staying in local area due to kids, which made choice of grad program easy. 🙂


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