Tomorrow Is…

…going to be a stressful day. Tomorrow is commencement ceremony. You know where graduates or presumed graduates walk across a stage, shake some hands, and then sit down for a long while. I will not be partaking in the ceremony other than as a babysitter and observer. Nothing wrong with this in my head, we have a situation and it is being taken care of in the best way possible, just like the last 5-years.

If I am sitting (sitting on babies) and watching why is tomorrow going to be a stressful day? My family wont be in town; seems that the only hotels in the town (I think four) have been booked for months now (pretty presumptuous of some people I think), thus stress from visiting family reduced to zero for me. Barb’s family will be driving to visit and that will be stressful for her, because visiting family is always some form of stress. This is the way of things.

Mostly I expect the stress to be in the form of the usual stupidity that goes along with any event, especially any event held here. After Barb freaks out all day about one thing or another, sure she says she won’t freak out, but this day has been ten-years in the making and there will be something that does not go the way she has in her head, thus some form a freak out. Mostly minor I am betting, but still there will be that stress in the background all day.

As I understand the event it will be a cattle call, scheduled for an hour-and-a-half, but guaranteed to run two or more hours. How bad could that be? Well it starts late. In fact, it starts right around the time the children are getting mentally ready to go to bed. They will be, by the time Barb starts walking, sleepy, bored…very bored, and most likely even though I will have fed them before hand bored hungry which is worse than being hungry. Even better because this is Big Rapids there will be no place to go eat afterwards unless we want fast food. I guess a taco or burger is the perfect way to celebrate graduating…we shall see.

Seating seems to be first come first serve and nobody has made any plans to coordinate. Thus, while there should be one section of family, I am going to bet that there will be two sections of seating and we will not see each other in passing. On one-hand probably a good thing, remember family stress and all of that. On the other hand, family and all of that.

I’m hoping I don’t look too out of place with children distracted by iPads and other video game products and honestly, probably me using the WiFi to stream a movie until names I recognize are called. I do love some Deadpool or Fight Club.

For those people hoping to see me walk, sorry I will be sitting on electronically distracted babies. I will be dressed differently as well which may make finding me difficult.


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