Today is… (update)

…on schedule. Oh, sorry if you don’t know what I am writing about. I suggest you start here and while I am at it, as a note to me, I might want to include this as a 500 Words Post Script or Addendum of some kind.

Did you get caught up?


Today’s post will, I hope, be updated throughout the day as by the time the day is over I most likely won’t have the time or energy to write or post.

As I was saying, today is on schedule both for events (knock on wood Ferris that you make this, my last event as an undergraduate do what no other event to date has done, start and end on time) and freak outs.

Hair, minor freak out

Nails, two minor freak outs-one for her perceived inability to paint them and the other because she ruined a nail or two

Clothing, stopped counting minor freak outs. Even with the gift of new dress to wear under her overpriced cap and gown, she has freaked out about just about everything else clothing related. Madness, I tell you.

Shoes, major freak out day 2 about her choice or lack of choices in shoes despite being told she could go find some shoes yesterday

Food, minor about to turn major freak out because she hasn’t eaten yet and thinks she cannot make it to lunch

Time, large continuous freak out because there is no time…unfortunately this is on her as she was counseled to start around the time I took the kids to school, which was many hours ago

Tune in later for more of today. 🙂

Well…I didn’t get to do an update like I thought I would. The freakouts and shitstorms continued right up to commencement.

Family, some family arrived on time, some late

Babysitting, seems that everyone upon hearing that I babysat instead of walking wanted to babysit…umm to late, plus as a parent I felt that it was my responsibility to watch the kids, probably a me thing

Tickets, Barb did not reserve hers until yesterday and then did not save the email, thus there was a lot of “looking” for an email that did not exist until we found the tickets.

Now, as I have said in other places-maybe even here, I was not walking. It was a choice of mine based on the situation which was we have kids and kids cannot walk with us, thus I sat on the babies. Since I was not walking I did not think anything related to walking. Which is why I was surprised to learn about this…

Cum Loude

Color me surprised.

Throughout the entire ceremony I sat next to a grandfather who I choose to admire because his comments out loud and under his breath mirrored my own. It was like looking in a fun house mirror and I did not mind what I saw.

Post ceremony, Paul, John, and Rachel found me and offered their congrats and kind words. Thank You, I appreciated them. The night ended with family talking to graduates. Graduates talking to professors. I cannot say that I expected this to end. Yet, end it has. Barb, Shannon, and I graduated tonight. For Barb there is no more school. For me there may be more school. Right now it is over.

How odd…




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