Post Commencement, Relaxation, Cooking, and Battleborn

What do you do after graduation?

If you are me, eat some crappy fast food because that is the only option in Big Rapids once 9pm rolls around, drink a few beers, and fall asleep until today.

Then you wake up and start cooking.

Today’s menu, pork and mushroom dumplings a first for me. I have the filling made, but am balking at making the dumplings. They do not look complicated to fold together, but I have large fingers and really do not want to squash or mash them into dumpling balls.

Pineapple chicken is also a first, but I am not worried about that; slice chicken, marinate, make sauce, cook and serve. Very easy. I can’t squash or mash them into anything other than chicken in pineapple.

Rice, I am very familiar with. 🙂

All in all a good relaxing day. The children have been rewarded with all day access to the Xbox, as long as they are playing Battleborn. Obviously, they jumped at that reward. As a family we are enjoying Battleborn more than we expected. With 25 characters and some playtime each person has found one or two characters that they love and are working on. A concern of mine was that I would be playing with a constantly rotating selection of partners depending upon the mood of the kids. Not something I was looking forward to.

The only other game seeing any playtime today is Overwatch Beta. So far everyone is impressed with the graphics, but that is about it. Unlike the Battleborn Beta which offered a variety of things to do, Overwatch is only offering one mode-shoot at other players. Not a favorite around here. Not looking good for Overwatch.

While working on food, I watch a steady procession of U-Hauls pull in, back up, load up, and drove off. Middle of the week should be the final determination of how many people will be staying for the summer. Part of me, that part that has not moved far enough from the school mentality cares, the other part of me, the part that is done with here, wishes he was loading up a U-Haul and getting out of here.

Alas, not to be, right now. Monday starts the real search for a place now that all of the bullshit and stress around the last few weeks is over or at least all of the bullshit that has kept us busy and tired enough that we did the bare minimum. I am hopeful that we will find something sooner rather than later, but will not be surprised if like most things over the last five-years that we have to fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants (sheesh that was a lot of hypens) and move at the last minute.

Well move as in transport boxes. Much to the chagrin of everyone I have started packing. Boxes are being filled and stacked around the house in various places. So far, I have restricted myself to knick knacks, books and movies people won’t miss (they won’t miss!), but soon enough the pack and move gene will trip and the whole house will be in a box. I’m almost giddy with anticipation of that day.


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