Just Another Day, Only With Mail

If I was in my early 20’s writing something like “Welcome to the First Day of the Rest of My Life” might seem clever…to me. However, being 20 x 2 + X amount of extra years I know better. So what did on my first day of freedom from college? Nothing special.

Took the kids to school.

Went grocery shopping. Tonight is Mexican night and while I was hopeful for shredded chicken enchiladas, the chicken is being a pain in the ass. There is still time for the chicken to cooperate, but I remain skeptical of enchilada. I remain positive for tacos, rice, corn cake, and other related food including mango salsa.

Took Barb to her first day of school, sorry work…so used to typing school. I would have sent her with a bento, but being a first day we did not know if she would have a place to store her lunch, who might be the lunch thief (don’t get shocked, there is always a lunch thief or food toucher at every job), and how long she her first day would be. Turns out still no word on lunch, but she will be at work for a while. This is a good thing.

Then I came home to pack some more stuff. Unfortunately, I wanted to pack books. Books are heavy and I do not like to pack large boxes full of books unless I know I have help to move them or don’t care if the bottom falls out of the box or the people moving them throw out their back. I like to pack books early because nobody notices they are gone. They may notice an empty shelf or three, but when push comes to shove most cannot tell me what books were packed away. Books are read and unless referenced a lot, put on shelves to be forgotten…until move.

I was thinking that I would sell off a lot of books, but it turns out that most of the books I purchased while here are cooking books and those are going with me. I have a lot of food to cook and I may need to refer to that obscure book on Thai food or some variation on American cuisine that does not involve cheese food. 🙂

So instead I went to the Post Office where I hoped that our lost forwarded mail would show up…some of it did. See, in preparation of our impending move we thought it would be a good idea to have a PO Box to intercept any mail sent here while we moved and for those first few weeks of the move. Also, I am really sick and tired of dealing with Housing to get my packages…long story, but instead of bringing packages to our door or putting them in larger mail box they are sent to the Housing Office where a student logs them in…most of the time…thus we got a PO Box.

Long story made short, for three weeks we have been waiting for boxes and mail. I shit you not, for a week prior to forwarding taking effect we got mail and then one day BAM all of our mail went to forwarding. Forwarding, in Post Office parlance, is both a place and process. Where is forwarding? I don’t know and neither did anyone we asked at the Post Office for the past three weeks. No lie, we started asking where our missing mail was and got “forwarding.” Forwarding seemed to be like the Cloud; you know what it is, you know what it is supposed do, but you have no idea where it is other than waving your hands in the air in that vague way that indicates maybe over your head or over there or there…

And today, some forwarded mail showed up. I would love to say it was a huge pile, but it was not. On the plus side, while I do not know where forwarding is, I know that it works.



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